Oh Snap…

Before my 3 year big chop circa 2013 or maybe early 2014…I can’t remember

NOT another one of those “naturalista blogs”.

Lol, hang in there with me please.

This is something I have always wanted to try, in fact I did try when I first committed to the kinky curl lifestyle 4 years ago mid way through my senior year of high-school. I stopped because I went back to the creamy crack one more time before I completely gave it up and felt…well for a lack of a better word SHAMED. I decided about a month ago I wanted to try this again for 2 reasons

  1. I’d reached my 4 year Napaversary and
  2.  November 2014 I recommitted to the kink life by chopping off my already naturally wavy long curls and I felt it was the perfect time to re-explore my journey as a naturalisa by sharing my experiences for those who are curious about the daily struggles a curl fro provides a sista and to also share what works for me (Btw I am still figuring that out)

I am by far NO expert on styling nor maintaining natural hair. Over the years I have perfected a routine that worked for me-which included a trip to a professional at least every 3 months, an array of natural products and styles that were meant to stretch and have my locks flowing- however when I cut my hair last year(first in June 2014 then Amber Rose style in Nov 2014) I pretty much had to start over and  frankly the second time around has not been easy.

How it all began..

7 years ago I begged my aunt to let me get a relaxer. I begged my aunt because my grandmother, my guardian angel, had been telling me no since I was 12 when I first asked. I’ve always had thick, long, annoying hair. Although my grandmother would not allow the creamy crack near my hair she was a stickler for a good ole fashioned fry to my head with a hot comb. The problem with that hair fry was that after 2 or 3 days my hair would return to its frizzy coil pattern that caused me to be the root of the jokes and pranks that most middle schoolers deal with during a time when their bodies and minds are just starting to seriously develop who they will be. I was teased so harshly about my hair that my once childish bubbly attitude I’d processed in Elementary evaporated and I became a shell with little to no self esteem. Add in acne problems and my natural clumsiness and you can probably imagine how awkward and horrific (at least in my eyes at the time) ages 11-13 were for me. Which is why 2 weeks before starting 9th grade I begged and begged and BEGGED my aunt to let me get a relaxer, hoping to reclaim some sort of natural pride in myself before having to walk the halls of Camden High. I got my wish. Man did I think I was fly. My hair has always been my best feature even in the days when I was tormented by ugly kids and even though I didn’t believe it myself, looking back at the old pictures I let them keep from those tender pre-teen years (I frowned on photos because like I said acne, frizzy hair makes for a bad picture day) its the first thing friends and family comment on in a positive way. The best thing about getting a relaxer for me was that in the 4 years I was in high school I only had 5 relaxers 1 each year plus an extra one the summer I graduated because I was in my cousin’s wedding (talk about this another time). Fast forward from an awkward 14 year old to a growing 22 year old and I’ve learned so far along my hair journey that no matter what hair choices a person makes and no matter what other’s say about you, YOU are the only person that can truly lift yourself up. I thought getting a relaxer was how I was supposed to reclaim my self pride but I learned later that I was actually doing what made others happy and not me. Going natural was MY life changer. I know someone is thinking “girl it’s just hair” but I’m telling you that this head of hair is what makes me…me I’m not knocking anyone who uses creamy crack, although I will occasionally talk smack, because I strongly believe that as women we should DO what makes US SHINE what makes us confident in ourselves. I hope I haven’t bored you to death yet because I have SOOO Much more to talk about. This is just a start. Thank you for riding this out with me and I hope you join me as I rediscover myself

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