A little Detangling Fun?


Dry hair




Hands down my least favorite thing about natural hair care is detangling. I have the thickest most unruly hair in the world-contrary to popular belief- which causes me to cringe internally whenever it is a detangle day. It wasn’t always such a chore. Prior to chopping off all of my hair last November detangling was my favorite part of being natural because back then it was super easy to do. I had no idea my hair would thicken as much as it has since growing back out, so much so that I’ve gone through 3 detangling brushes since august.

Even though it has become a chore it is still VERY and I mean Very important to detangle at least twice a week (I try to every 2 days). If you have hair like mine then you know that the longer you wait, the harder it is to do so.

I’ve watched YouTube videos and read tons of Pintrest posts of different techniques natrualistas use to tame there locks, sampling and combining techniques until I found what works best for me. Honestly, I am never consistent and I never expect perfect results…I find that the imperfections I achieve are what makes rocking a natural style worth it. I hope my tips and tricks help someone.  Please email me, comment something to let me know what you think or just to give me Ideas on what to touch on next.

Materials and Products


  • Spray bottle filled with various essential oils (2-3 drops each) and Eden’s Peppermint Hair Milk-this is a leave in conditioner and I just happen to LOVE ANYTHING PEPPERMINT
  • Bobby pins
  • mini hair combs
  • hair ties
  • A large detangling comb
  • the Goody Classic Detangling brush (again I have gone through 3 so far this one has been able to hold up to the challenge of not breaking while I detangle)
  • Palmer’s She Formula Curl Repair Whipped Cream
    • Now depending on the style I wish to achieve I use a few different hair moisturizers and/or gels. In the pictures below I’m using Palmer’s but I do tend to switch it up a lot.

Starting with Dry Hair….

Dry hair

  1. Parting my hair into either 2- or 4 sections..depending on time..I secure each section with hair ties and bobby pins so that they won’t get in my way
  2. Starting with one of the sections in the back  I dampen my hair at the roots using my handy dandy spray bottle and work my way towards the ends
    1. I have learned over time that my hair retains water even if it doesn’t feel extremely wet. For this reason I do not drench my hair I spray and Use my fingers to massage the mixture through my hair
  3. Using a small amount of which ever moisturizer on hand I massage the the product onto my hair starting at the roots and rolling my hair as if I’m creating a thick coil to get it worked in.
  4. This is the part that usually makes me cringe. Again I have extremely thick hair so instead of starting at the roots I start at my ends with the Detangling brush until my coils shine  after detangling and moustiruzing
  5. To finish off the section I either split into two or more sections and twist them to keep them out of the way or for whatever style I wish to achieve.large twist for bed
  6. I repeat the steps above for each section until my entire head is detangled and sectioned neatly (or crazy depending on if I’m rushing…It happens)

Now if I detangle before bed, a silk scarf and satin pillow are my best friends BUT if I detangle during the day I’ll rock a silk scarf and either a baseball cap or a head wrap. I also detangle whenever I wash or co-wash in the shower using my detangling comb and the products I keep on hand for my weekly hair cleansing ritual. (I will post something about this later perhaps?)

End result

Please excuse me for being in a towel robe I was getting dressed for work the next day and my hair caught the light right and well you know how that goes.  Again I hope this helps someone and please comment or email me ideas. DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!!

Here’s my before and after



  • Try to detangle at least twice a week (I try to every two days)
  • If a detangling brush is too painful use a good detangling comb the one below is my favorite
  • When you undo your twists, or bantu knots braids etc apply a little oil or a light moisturizer such as Tari Daily mositurizer to avoid what I call the “morning crunch”
  • If you end up twisting your hair to wear for an extended time keep your scalp moisturized. I use a pre-made oil mixture from the natural hair salon that I go to Nubian Designs
  • Have fun while you’re detangling. I blast loud music and/or catch up on my favorite shows hey sometimes I even treat myself to a cup of wine lol
  • Bottom line even though It can be a hassle detangling is a must-do for me it keeps my hair shining and healthy instead of dull and unruly which in turn gives me the confidence to rock my natural styles.



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