Natural Hair, Professionally Versatile

**Formerly A friendly Natural Reminder Updated on 10/3/16*

Firstly I am extremely apologetic that I have neglected you guys and gals for so long. As some of you know I work full time and I’m also currently taking a Chem class at night and boy have they both been kicking my rear end lol. I have been working on a post/video to correspond with my last post about pin curls where I show how I transitioned back to a head of curls from  2 weeks of a straightened and pin curled binge. I hope to have that ready and up in the next 4-5 days so please bare with me. In the meantime I thought I’d share some advice for those of you that have been natural for a minute, those of you who are just starting out and for those of you who just need a reminder that you are beautiful despite what naysayers say.

I was inspired by two things to write this post. 1) an article I came across on Facebook that was titled something like “15 reasons Natural hair is not professional” (sadly I did not save the link nor can I remember who originally shared the article PLEASE share it if you know which one I’m talking about) and 2) because of a recent personal encounter which I will not go in to detail about. Why is there still so much negativity surrounding our natural God given hair in 2016? Why is it so hard for people to see the beauty inside themselves whether they rock a natural style or not?

For those of us who were not born with stringy straight hair…why should do I have to conform to your standards of beauty if they do not adequately express or define myself or others that look like me?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with curls, fros, kinks, locks, and coils. Whether you keep it neat or if you decide to bum it out. Do not allow anyone to tell you something is wrong with you because it does not fit into their bubble of what IS and what ISN’T. Don’t twist what I’m saying up now. I am not encouraging sloppiness. If you’ve read my post about detangling you will probably realize I obsess over my curls looking a certain way because I have to be presentable at all times both at work and socially. I am encouraging self appreciation. Natural hair is beautiful no matter the texture no matter the length, and no matter the color. Natural hair is fun, it is frustrating and it constantly keeps us naturalistas on our toes; and our friends, family and acquaintances anticipating what we are going to do next because we are able to be so creative with our tresses. I personally believe that when you choose to maintain natural hair  (it doesn’t matter if you rock a fro like I usually do, if you have loc’s, or if you keep it braided down and sewn up to protect it) you are choosing to love yourself. You will constantly receive mixed reactions. Some people will love it. Some people will hate it. Some people will want to touch your hair and pull your hair because it is absolutely mind boggling that hair can look like that. But guess what Those people don’t matter. You matter.

I vaguely touched on my reasoning for going natural in my first post so I won’t do it again. But I failed to encourage self adoration. It starts within and it is maintained with growth and maturity.

So to shame all of our natural naysayers and to show that natural hair is popping no matter what. I’ve asked Friends and Family to allow me to share their favorite pictures that showcase how beautiful, how professional and how simply slay-tastic Natural hair can be.Check out the slideshow below.



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