Did you detangle?


Did you detangle today?

imageYesterday was my detangle day and truthfully it almost didn’t occur. it was much needed after a long day of dry thirsty hair.  I washed my hair the day before, however I failed to moisturize like I should have–It happens, nothing to feel bad about– which resulted in a very dry thirsty looking puff. The worst thing about sitting down to accomplish the needed task? Realizing I ran out of 4 of the 7 essential oils that I use to to make the spritz mix I use to prep my hair.


I almost changed my mind buttttt that’s just slack. Instead I sat down, with a line of the products I planned to use, mixed my spritz mix and got to work. 30ish minutes later I decided to twist it up. My point? Taking the time to show your hair just the smallest amount of care makes a difference. I know it gets annoying but you can do it! If all else fails you could try a protective style. It has been a while since I tried braids..and I’ve always wanted to try twists. What’s your favorite protective style? I need ideas!!



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