Deep conditioning on the go

Every once in a while I treat my hair to a deep condition. Self loving is spoiling self and for me a quick deep condition on a chill day is the ultimate treat. This time I switched my usual DC routinelast picture to accommodate my busy day. Normally I’ll apply one of my favorite deep conditioning products to my hair and let it sit over night rinsing it out the next morning. But this time I wanted to nourishing my hair in a shorter amount of time so that I could style it for a night of fun with my girl friends. Deep condition 1While I was out running errands I stopped by a hair store to pick up essential oils and moisturizer and chose two packs of a moisturizing treatment. The instructions said to apply for approximately 3-5 minutes or with heat for 5-7 minutes after washing hair. I decided to take short cut and spritz my hair with a bottle solution of my favorite essential oils and water and apply the packs while I was out running errands so I could wash it out later that night. TO be on the safe side I purchased two packs because although my hair is short enough for one pack it is very thick and I wanted to make sure every strand was coated. It took less than 5 minutes to apply it and I rinsed it out a n hour later.

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