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How has everyone’s week been? It seems like the weekend has come and passed far to swiftly for my liking honestly. However I am excited to start another work week. Just for the sake of being productive. Earlier this week I was asked to share my Daily Wash and Go Method. The only problem is a Wash and Go can mean two different things for me depending on my mood and the amount of time I have to get ready. Normally my wash and goes are pretty self-explanatory, a quick wash with one of my co wash products in the morning after which I  slap on some leave in conditioner and maybe a little moisturizer before running a detangling brush or come through my head before I walk out the door—more often than not to work. These days with the weather so super unpredictable though, I’ve been doing more of a Spritz-n-Go so as not to catch a cold in the mornings.

My spritz and go are similar to my usual quick detangling method involving my handy dandy yellow water bottle with all my essential favorites. Only less time consuming and I use less product since I’m usually headed off to work.

Last night for instance, I two strand twisted my hair using ORS Curls Unleashed Shea Butter & Honey Curl Defining Crème (Honestly I just wanted to see how they would come out with this product) and a little Eco Styler. When I woke up this morning they were nice and plump and I couldn’t wait to take them down. I didn’t immediately wear the twist out. Because I didn’t want to sweat out my fro at the gym or accidently get it wet afterwards when I showered. When I finally did untwist them I didn’t immediately style it into a puff but spinstead I brushed my hair up into a puff. Remember how I said natural hair is super versatile? Well after about an hour or two with a puff and running my first round of errands I got tired of this look and decided to change it up. To do this I again pulled out my handy dandy spritz bottle to dampen my hair enough to fluff it out. I then used a hair pick to fluff it into the curl puff/fro mass of awesomeness it’s been the rest of this beautiful Sunday. I’m going to try the same thing the next 2 or 3 days to see how big I can get my puff fro. My hair is still suffering from a little shrinkage and unfortunately for me it’s about a 3 day process to stretch it to its full potential. Wish me luck!!

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