Cayenne Pepper and Hair Growth.?

When I cut my hair a while back I did it on some what of a well thought out whim. By “well thought out” I mean that since I have previously cut my hair in the past (both when my hair was getting fried by hot combs and then later laid by creamy crack) I was fairly confident that my hair would grow at a similar rate (or maybe faster) than it did back then. The fact of the matter is hair grows because that’s just what hair does. Sometimes it needs a little help to get the length you want but at the end of the day…it grows.

I barely told any one about my decision to go for what I’ll nickname my second “big chop”, I did hint at what was coming but no one took me seriously because most people knew how much I loved my curls.  I started planning to cut it closer to graduation because living down south it’s common to glisten buckets in the spring not just in the summer, so I thought a cute bob would be perfect for my traditional outdoor southern graduation from the College of Charleston. My plans changed when I had a friend tell me they didn’t think I had the “look” for a short cut…What do you mean I don’t have “the look”. 2-3 weeks later–the day before my birthday–my hair was in a hairy puddle around my feet as my stylist at the time worked her magic. Just like I had predicted my hair grew; in fact, it grew back so fast I really didn’t have a chance to appreciate a short cut. So I cut it again this time my good friend Kionne did the honors. I  dedicated a lot of time scouring Pinterest and Insta for pictures of short natural cuts to become inspired by. I followed Amber Rose and became slightly obsessed with how empowering her unique style and look made her more feminine. I pinned and re-pinned countless pins on Pinterest on maintaining short styles and tip on growing my hair back out for when I was ready to. 21 months later and I can safely say my obsession with short cuts has come and gone -although I’m still a fan- and I’m experimenting with growing my hair and retaining stretched curls because my shrinkage is the absolute worst. I take biotin here and there but I’m not a fan of the extra hair growth in other areas besides my head. Besides taking biotin one of my favorite tips I found on stimulating hair growth involves an easy to make mixture of olive oil and red peppers (the link to the recipe is below) as well as a more popular concoction using fresh cayenne pepper and vodka (I haven’t tried this one yet).cayennepepper-web

I did the oil and pepper method faithfully once a week for approximately 3 months once or twice a week this time last year prior to and while I studied abroad. It left my scalp feeling awake and moisturized (thanks to the olive oil). I cannot say for sure if all the credit goes to using this home remedy because I was also experimenting with other styling techniques. However, when I returned home from studying abroad my friends couldn’t stop commenting on how fast my hair grew while I was gone. I stopped doing it for some time but recently decided to pick the habit back up at least until my birthday in 3 months to see what happens.
Applying the mixture is simple:
Just wet your hair at the roots and massage the oil mixture into your scalp
 IMG_1890Usually, I applied the mixture at night, covering my hair with a shower cap scarves and a silk cap.When I wake up the next morning my hair feels super soft and alive. However, if I do it during the day I cover my hair with a shower cap and a base ball cap.  I wash everything out when I shower and style as desired for the day. It’s easy, it’s simple and obviously, my hair has benefited.
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Cayenne Pepper and Olive Oil Mixture 

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