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So this is week two of my cayenne pepper/olive oil hair treatment. So far I’ve conditioned with it three times. I’ll update you guys with my progress around week 4 or 5, but for now I’m hanging in there. I am still thinking about making a batch of the vodka and fresh pepper mix to try after week 5 but we’ll see about that. I know I talk about this all the time, but I feel the need to stress the importance of moisturizing daily simply because I slacked for a few days this weekend while visiting my family; and I’m still trying to get my hair back on track. I swear my hair is more temperamental and moody than I am most of the time. So far this week my hair has been annoyingly dry  and the shrinkage has been unreal. I’ve been playing around with deep conditioning and different moisturizers since Sunday trying to get it back on track but I would appreciate your tips on any products or home remedies that work for you.


Ciao for now

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OH ONE MORE THING!! I’m ready to explore new color options so far I’ve been a blonde, a red head and last summer I had purple highlights. Any suggestions?

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