“Adulting” and Natural Hair

Here we are at day 6 of month 4 of the year 2016 and I’ve yet to organize my life the way I thought I would have by now. Jeez adulting is
harder than I thought!!!!!

There are three things I try to to maintain a consistent routine with, healthy eating, skin and of course my hair. I thought I was always on the go while I was an undergrad at CofC. However, I’m learning that this ‘adulting’ thing is more than I thought it would be. If I’m not at work I’m in class, if I’m not in class, I’m studying and if I’m not studying I’m trying to balance sleep, cooking, cleaning, blogging, fitness and everything else I do during my free time. Its a wonder I find time to breathe. The last few weeks I’ve found myself slacking in staying organized because I’m always on the go. This past week I’ve been working on organizing my life. thus my time, with hopes of becoming (and staying) productive. I know I’m not the only person out there that struggles with organization as well as maintaining natural hair with a busy daily schedule, I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing/ what I plan to do to stay on track.

Lately I’ve been been feeling as if my hair is suffering big time from my lack of attentiveness. I haven’t been following my own advise to moisturize every night and I’ve fallen off my “hair schedule”. I ran into this problem a few years ago when I first started going natural and the solutions I came up with seemed to get me back on track so for now I’ll start with them and wing it as I go.

So where do I start? To-do lists.

I make them all the time at work. but only recently started using them in my personal life again. I’m trying to get in the habit of creating, Monthly, weekly, and daily to do lists, but so far daily to do lists have been a life saver. My problem these days is remembering all the details of every little thing I have to do whether it be my hair or chores around my apartment or even paying bills. I’m realizing that I can’t just make a mental note anymore because my mental notes get lost with all the other mental notes and I end up forgetting. So instead of mental notes I’ve been using sticky notes, torn pages from my note books and the reminders app on my iPhone to keep track of my life. Just this past week alone I’ve accomplished so much more than I probably would have if I’d only mentally noted all of the things I need to get done.

This next tid bit doesn’t have to apply solely to your hair. If you have a skin regimen or a work out plan you’re trying to stay on top of, the following could be a basic layout for your weekly schedule. I call this my Weekly Hair Calendar:

The following is still in the works and will definitely change as my hair grows. Earlier this week I sat down and finalized my hair routine for the week ( I’ve included a sample below Just click the appropriate links at the bottom of this post -my own personal one- and a template in case you want to make your own). Just looking at it should be self explanatory. I created my first Weekly Hair Schedule my freshman year of college again when I had no idea what it meant to be “natural”. Back then I kept my weekly schedule on a mini dry erase board that I hung on my mirror.. It was more of a daily to-do list for my hair por ejemplo: Monday’s were full wash days while Wednesday’s were co-wash/detangling days and everyday was moisturize day. I’ve definitely lost that dry erase board over the years so instead of buying a new one I decided to craft a simple schedule to print and hang in my bathroom. If you don’t like the idea of printing a schedule just use your phone’s calendar. or the reminder app which ever is easier and whatever floats your boat.

I’ve decided that April is my month to get my life back on track, by blogging more frequently, working hard on my job, acing these classes I’m in and just being the best person I can possibly be. I challenge all of you to let April be that month for you as well. Let’s work on organizing our lives to include more healthy choices (i’m not just talking food here). Let’s let April be the foundation for the rest of the year. I know some of you made promises in January that you’ve still been struggling to keep well here’s your chance. This is month 4 of 2016, if you haven’t started already start today.

I’d love to hear from you guys at the end of the month with your progress, that is if you accept my challenge, and I’d love to share your feedback with my subscribers with your approval of course. Don’t forget to subscribe, share and show love. I can’t wait to hear from you

Hair Schedule Word Document

Hair Schedule Printable PDF



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