I decided to try box braids again…

Earlier this month I participated in the 39th annual Cooper River Bridge Run with my amazing coworkers. Even though I was in pain for the rest of the week…I had a blast. The day before the race I got a text from my stylist that she had an opening and could braid my hair. Earlier that week I text her asking if she had any openings, last minute of course, for box braids; and had been praying something would free up. I don’t wear protective styles with weave often, nothing against weave, it just isn’t my thing. However, every once in a while I want a break from dealing with my hair and since two strand twist, finger coils and Bantu knots don’t last very long for me I’ve played around with box braids. The last few time’s I’ve have box braids I’ve gotten them done in what I like to think of as the traditional way my stylist calls them singles. These never last a full month for me because my hair is just to soft. The second my hair gets wet they start slipping and my hair starts separating from the braided hair so it looks extra frizzy. This time my stylist decided to go with crochet braids. Same look, less time, and so far they’ve been holding up to my hectic schedule. While Katurah was doing my hair I started thinking about protective styles in general. How cool is it that we can change up our look in so many ways?? Pretty awesome if you ask me.

I just told you guys why I wear them, I know why some of my close friends wear them but what about my other natural and non-natural sisters? See I’ve always been curious about protective styles especially since as a child I wasn’t allowed to wear certain looks (such as the box braids currently atop my head). My curiosity got the best of me So I decided to ask facebook, instagram and snapchat to see what my followers had to say.

And @ambynicole on IG told me she does it for Hair Growth

Based on the responses I got it’s safe to say that most of you gals wear them for the same reasons I do. The cool thing about protective styles is that there are so many different ways to install,style, or rock them. Although I’m going slightly insane from not being able to wash my hair like I want to, I’m definitely considering making box braids my summer look. I’ve already text my stylist to set up my next appointment lol.


PS: If you are in the Charleston, SC area and would like to contact Katurah her Facebook page is Naptru-U and her IG is @curlcrushluv

you can also call or text her at

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