It’s May, so that means no showers and pretty flowers. Right?

So it is the start of another month! What goals have you accomplished so far with your locks? What styles and products are you trying? TELL ME!! I’m ready to try something new!

I am super proud of myself because I’ve managed to maintain my protective style for a full month!! Can you say progress! That being said, I am going slightly insane with not being able to wash my hair the way I would normally. My sisters that wear braids and twists and weaves how do y’all do it? I’m in desperate need of tips and advice! If it wasn’t for my friend Nish I probably would’ve snatched these braids out in the first week. She gave me some awesome tips for caring for my hair while It’s under lock and key protected that I will definitely share soon. (like I said earlier though I’d love to hear from my subscribers as well on the subject)

On Saturday Katurah is giving me a good ole salon wash and go. Yes this means that my braids are coming out, but only temporarily she’s going to put them back in after a week or so. I made a promise to myself that Summer ’16 will be a summer of protective styles to enhance and promote hair growth.

On a super duper side note, have any of you tried the cayenne pepper mixture from my previous blog? I took a break from it when I had the braids installed but will be trying it for the week that my braids are out and my curls are breathing. If you have been trying it, I would love to see some before and after pictures and to also read your thoughts and concerns about the mixture. My email address is below as well as my IG and SC. Hit me up Y’all I can’t wait to hear from you.






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