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New products are always fun! Recently I came across an online store called “Coco Conscious Collective” and became an instant fan of the easy to navigate website. The brand promises that “natural beauty is what we purvey” which naturally caught my attention. Since the prices were relatively similar to products that I already use already (nothing over $20 and they donate $1 of every product sold to support building communities) I chose to go for it and try my luck. After snooping around for a bit I chose to order the Straight Transformations , Conditioning Shine Rinse and Curly Concoctions Re-Define Foaming Gel since I was low on my favorite conditioner and since I’m always looking for something that will define my curls.Being the creature of habit that I am I used these two products this morning in conjunction with my favorite peppermint shampoo and peppermint leave in conditioner. I used my new swag in the following order

-peppermint shampoo

-Straight Transformations , Conditioning Shine Rinse

-peppermint leave-in conditioner

Curly Concoctions Re-Define Foaming Gel

I let the conditioner sit on my hair for 3 minutes per the instructions and applied it by massaging it from the roots to the end. I applied the gel in the same manner and decided to style my puff into pig tail puffs for the day.

I definitely noticed immediate coil definition and couldn’t stop playing with my coils on the way to work. One of my coworkers stopped me when I walked in and said “somethings different with your hair today, I like!” While another one told me that my “piggy puffs looked more defined than usual”…needless to say I’m sold. I’m excited to see how my hair holds out the rest of late clinic and to shop some more on Coco Conscious Collective website! I’ll be doing a follow-up to this post after clinic to talk more about how my hair held up to my new swag after a long day at work


****Update 6/16/16****

Below you’ll find a video of me using the gel shortly after I posted this piece. It took me a little while to get the video up and ready to go. Check it out and let me know what you think


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