Summer Breeze

How did you spend your Independence Day weekend? I attempted a trip to a tattoo salon, frolicked like an ocean nymph in some salty waves with Patty and watched fireworks with friends and family. This past weekend was a beautiful change of pace to the hustle and bustle of a busy work week as well as a refreshing sip of sweet tea to all the negativity society has been serving hard and cold lately. The south may have its reputation but despite the good, the bad, and the ugly there is nowhere else like it.

This Saturday was supposed to be simple. Go to Savannah for tattoo appointment, grab lunch, head to Tybee Island, read a good book and then sleep on it while absorbing radiance from the sun.  Unfortunately I forgot that nothing is ever “simple” and to never expect the expected. Instead of making it to Savannah on time my boyfriend, my bestie and I found ourselves stuck in holiday traffic. I accept full responsibility here for failing to calculate the extra time during a holiday weekend when I planned this day trip a few weeks ago. Instead I ended up having to reschedule my appointment and salvage the rest of my day trip. A few minutes after hanging up with the receptionist at the shop the 3 of us decided to check out the beach first and then spend the afternoon/evening in the riverfront/market street area before trekking back to Charleston. The last time bae and I made a trip to Savannah we tried going to Tybee Island but after getting stuck in unmoving traffic for 30 minutes we opted to save the trip for another day. Needless to say I was excited to give Tybee Island a try. Like the beaches I am familiar with in the Charleston area, Sullivan’s Island, IOP and Folly Beach, parking was not easy; but after playing the hunting game we finally found a “park” and set out to find a bite to eat before being lazy on the beach. After finding a smoky shack for lunch, and a bang for your buck oyster shooter a few doors down we set up camp as close as possible to the water without getting too close. I shan’t try to compare Tybee Island to any of the beaches I’m used to in South Carolina because in its own right it is beautiful. The circular pier was my absolute favorite viewpoint!  It was not what I was expecting, but well worth the last minute decision. I guess it was a blessing and a curse that I did not make that appointment because instead of spending my time on the sand I was able to frolic in the waves with Patty reliving our precursor to college days, Spectra–a summer program for minority and first generation students attending the College of Charleston. The waves were great to me, but my hair—a different story. My locks were beautiful, sun kissed and sun tossed after we left, but the next morning my curls became a slight nightmare.


I admit I was wrong, I failed hair maintenance 101. I should have washed and detangled that same night, but I’m human and instead I wrapped my hair in a silk scarf and called it a night. Trust me when I say I regretted that decision. I woke up in the middle of the night scalp itching, hair crunchy, dehydrated and super dry. So instead of spending my Sunday morning curled up with a good book or reflecting on my week and preparing for the upcoming week I found myself trying out the recommended scalp scrub I mentioned in my last post, and deep conditioning my poor locks.


I loved the scalp scrub so much I’ve included the original recommended recipe as well as the version I made because I didn’t want more than a day or two’s worth. I made enough for Sunday morning as well as enough for later in the week when I co wash–Quick tip keep it refrigerated it feels super amazing when it’s cold. It wasn’t an immediate relief for the itchy dry scalp but by the time I rinsed and washed I felt amazing. If there was such a thing as the tip of the week it would definitely be this. It’s a perfect alternative to pre pooing when you want to switch up your hair routine a bit. Try it out, tell me what you think? Who knows if I like it enough I may start making more of the stuff to give out at random gifts to close family and friends….Now that would make an awesome DIY gift for a naturalista friend, no?



Until next time m’dears


Scalp Scrub Recipe Original 
  • 1 cup of brown sugar
  • tea tree oil
  • 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil 
Mix together, put in the refrigerator or freeze to make it cold. Apply to hair approx an hour before washing.
My quick version 
  • 3ish tablespoons of brown sugar
  • a few drops of honey
  • enough olive oil to just barely cover the sugar
  • a few drops of essential oils
    • peppermint
    • tea tree
Mix together, put in the refrigerator or freeze to make it cold. Apply to hair approx an hour before washing. (I put it on about 30 minutes prior to washing because I was in a hurry)

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Special thanks to Q and Candy for peer reading for me =* 

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