July Reflections/ #stick2it Challenge

Pictured below: Long hair don’t care Early June 2014, Mid August 2014,  Growth Galore June 2016


“As July comes to an end, so does another year of being natural.” 

As July comes to an end, so does another year of being natural. Looking back on this past year I believe I have grown as a person and Lord knows my hair has certainly grown too lol.  It has been about 5-6 weeks since I took out my box braids and my hair still feels great! I almost want to try one more protective style before the summer officially ends but I think 2 months is enough for me this time; I certainly don’t want to overdo it. I am trying to get back into the habit of styling my own hair. It has grown so much since February. I can twist and braid it a lot more and there seems to be more options for hair styles that I haven’t tried in over a year. Something even more exciting for me is being able to actually wear my twist outs as a hair style. I’m sure a few of you can imagine the absolute struggle known as perm rods. Sleeping in them is bad enough but having one or two slip from under a bonnet while running errands is an entirely different story. I didn’t have to worry about styling my hair often while it was shorter. My biggest concern was keeping my scalp clean and moisturized and when it grew in length I kept it curlers or wore a puff. Lately I’ve been trying to relearn some of the styles I used to try out while juggling new ones. Pin curls are my absolute favorite go to style when my hair is curly and when I straighten it. I’ve been testing out what products give the best results—as I have repeatedly pointed out in previous posts my hair is a lot thicker than it was before, the same products I used either don’t work at all or give unexpected results—and hopefully I’ll have my own tutorials to share soon. In the meantime Youtube has become my new best friend again as a place to learn from other naturalistas and trend setters. I’ve posted a few of my favorites below along with photos of my own DIY attempt. Just in time too because my new camera was delivered last weekend and I have been playing around with my own tutorials and taking pictures of the things that inspire me to be magnificent. Here is to a great July and I’m sure an even better August. *this is where I would raise a wine glass* My friend Joye tagged me in the #stick2it campaign challenge on Facebook today challenging me to spend 15 minutes planning out my August goals. This isn’t something new for me because I usually do a monthly goals list at the start of each month anyway BUT this will be my first time sharing my goals with anyone. That’s right I’ve never shared this kind of juicy stuff with anyone but this one time I’ll give it a try. Here’s your chance to #stick2it with me. If you tag me on fb, twitter, IG or even if you simply comment or email me your goals I’ll repost them especially if they pertain to your hair either way I’d love to see them, be encouraged by them, and be inspired by them.


August Goals

Until next time.



Dutch Braids Via jasmeannnn

Image-1 (1)
An overnight dutch braid look i’m trying with two strang twists if I like it I’ll post a picture on IG



Heatless Roller Set via My Natural Sistas

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