Dreads and loc’s of any sort are some of my favorite natural styles. Quite frankly I would love to start my own loc journey one day, but I’m not quite brave enough just yet. Instead I enjoy admiring loc’s on friends, family and strangers.

IMG_5069One of the dopest dread heads I know is recording artist Tracy Gauge. Ladies not only is he handsome but he is also a super talented performer. The first time I heard him and his partner   Geno Wrapz perform was at a Call me VP event at King Duskos on King Street in downtown Charleston. I remember seeing him posted with his partner and thinking to myself ‘His dreads are fly’ and later being blown away by his stage presence and obvious confidence with his craft. A few year later and he is still rocking drop dead gorgeous dreads with an even more gorgeous smile. Tracy says he is inspired by his own life as well as the people in it. He said ” I see life as a storybook, everyday is a page that is being created to fulfill my journey. When I reflect on my life from this perspective, it’s [exciting] to wake up everyday and move forward. Each accomplishment almost [feels] like a chapter completed. I feel my hair is creating its [own] as well.”

“I see life as a storybook… each accomplishment almost [feels] like a chapter completed”
As far as his look goes he describes I’d say he’s flyer than most, but being the poetic artist that he is Mr. Gauge humbly states that he is “relaxed yet edgy”. He wears what expresses his mood, something I think we all can respect. His advice for naturals “allow your hair to do its own thing. you should be its advisor instead of its master”. Lastly he recommends the Jamaican Mango & Lime product line as his go to products. Not only does it keep his hair smelling great but it keeps his dreads hydrated and he credits the brand for his hair growth. You can check out Tracy on any of his social media platforms listed below and by all means check out both him and his partner Geno Wrapz on SoundCloud too. I’ve also included the link to their newly released mixtape The Relapse below. When you check him out tell him I said hello 😛

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/stilllit

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/llcoolgauge/

StillLit Website: http://www.stilllit.com/

StillLit IG: https://www.instagram.com/stilllitt/




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