Hair Diary 8/26/16

My wisdom teeth were pulled today. Anxious can’t even begin to describe my prior expectations. I was expecting to be out of it all day. I was prepared for searing and relentless pain. 8 hrs and 27 minutes later my mouth hurts, I am in pain; but what most seems to be most unexpected right now? I’m starving. I can’t sleep because I am so hungry! So far all I’ve had today is half a bowl of soup and a few spoon fills of yogurt. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so frugally in my life ever! All I want right now is to eat but it make my mouth hurt. I was instructed multiple times in my surgery consult and when reading the pamphlets that sucking from a straw is out of the question. So I figured I would try writing a little bit to take my mind off of the pan of baked mac and cheese my aunt made me in the fridge that I found out I can’t eat for another day or 2.
What should I write about?

Homemade product progress should be fun. Last Friday I picked up some kitchen sink necessities. I tried out the leave in spray and lotion first, and then the next day I used the spray and moisturizer. Lastly, I tried out the conditioner on Wednesday when I washed my hair. Honesty I like them. Everything felt smooth and left my hair feeling silky. HOWEVER the storage instructions were unsuccessful for me. A few of the pins said that the home made products would last a week or more if I stored in a cabinet or 2-3 weeks if stored in the fridge. I didn’t try a fridge because I want the convenience of having everything in my bathroom so I used a cabinet.
If you are wondering I try to stay conscious about what I put in my hair it is because I am concerned and paranoid that I could mistakenly damage my hair. Like skin I believe, everyone should love their hair and treat it properly in order to stay healthy and confident in yourself.

I can’t have my creations go bad after 3-4 days! My hair is pretty thick and it is growing therefore I have to figure out a way to preserve what I make. I have been reading online forums for answers and I have some potential ingredients I am willing to try but not until I learn more about it first. I know I am supposed to be resting while my mouth heals up. But reading is satisfyingly relaxing right? Perfect then! When I wake up from the nap I plan on taking as soon as I type this last period…. Reading and researching I shall do! I would love it if any of you can provide any suggestions. It will definitely be a few days before I can even attempt to drive and pick anything up. So I am not in a hurry. Sure I may buy a few things online but I would love options. As always thanks for your continued support and feedback. You can contact me on any of my social media pages or by emailing me at
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