3 Steps to Growing Healthy Loc’s


One of the biggest mistakes that I have made during my loc journey was retwisting too often. As a dread head, most of us desire clean locs with neat parts, the second we see a little frizz, it’s off the salon for a retwist or retighten. The problem with this is that the constant pulling and twisting causes tension which later results in thinner locs that may eventually pop off. The first time one of my locs broke off, I felt like a piece of me had died! BUT I found is a solution!!! This may sound strange but I came up with this solution by relating it to a method I learned at a job training a few years ago. The 3 steps to that training method are Relax, Relate, and Release which we learned as a stress aid reliever. I was so inspired by this method that I came up with my own 3 step process to long and healthy Loc’s I call it the 3 R’s Restore, Regrow, and Retwist.

  1. Restore: I restored my roots by continuing my usual bi-weekly wash, deep condition, and moisturize. I have always had an issue finding products that really moisturize my scalp and my hair simultaneously. I would find something that worked for my scalp but not for my hair or Vis. Versa. I am sure many of you can relate to this struggle. Frustrated (and a little inspired from an unexpected source), I decided to research natural homemade conditioners on YouTube to see what other dread heads were doing. I found this video (click here) and have been using this recipe for my last few washes. I have noticeable growth in my roots after only 10 days, I know amazing right!!! In the video YouTuber JustJenelle uses this recipe on her natural hair so rinsing was a fairly simple step for her. For my locs though I spent a  more time rinsing out the conditioner. This required a more effort on my part but it was well worth it. For my next wash I will try playing around with the recipe to see if I can make it a little runnier so that it is easier to rinse out. Still I highly recommend restoring your roots via some sort of wash, condition and moisturizing regimen if you are aiming for long healthy dreads.
  2. Regrow: In order to regrow my roots, I had to seriously give my locs a break. Because of my cut I prefer keeping my hair pulled up for the sake of convenience. I work with small children so it is easier to keep up with them by keeping loc’s out of my face. unnamed (1)Although convenient this constant tugging and pulling was causing unnecessary tension and therefore damage to my roots. Once I started noticed the damaged being caused I switched from using tight scrunchies to loose head bands on the days I choose to wear it up while also making an effort to wear my hair down as much as possible. Moisturizing daily with a mixture of organic coconut oil, virgin olive oil, and water in a spray bottle has been helpful too. I know that a lot of dread heads don’t moisturize daily because there is a fear associated with getting their locs wet but for me this important because of how dry my hair can be. It’s simple, I just spray and go.
  3. Retwist: The last step that I’ve found that has worked for me is to go longer in between retwists. Now, everyone’s hair is different so what works for me may be a  different for you. I’ve found that by waiting three months vs. one month to retwist is tolerable for me but depending on your hair texture this will vary. I know that this maybe a stretch for some people but I promise it is beneficial. If you don’t retwist yourself, think of how much money you will save! If you want to keep that fresh neat look longer interlocking is an option for maintaining a neater look in between twists. I would suggest that you do your research to see if this method is right for you first; this isn’t the best option if you intend to do a loc takedown so make sure you put some thought and effort in it. I also suggest that you go a professional your first few times to ensure that it is done properly. Soon I’ll post a tutorial on interlocking but for now these are the results from just 10 days of caring for my hair.

3 Rs


For now stay tuned for pictures of my progress and a future tutorial.


As always Laugh, Love and Loc Gel


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