#Stick2It Campaign: September

 Last month I briefly introduced y’all to the #Stick2It Campaign that my friend Joye invited me to participate in for the month of August (Click Here to recap). Although I did not complete my entire list I am proud to say that I managed to #Stick2It and knock out roughly 80% of my goals mostly do to many of the  words of encouragement, support and participation from many of you all, my readers and subscribers. Last night I sat down with a cup of apple sauce and a glass or water to write out my September goals that you can find by clicking here and I am excited to work hard on accomplishing them this month. I am extending my initial invitation to join me in the #Stick2It Campaign this month  to all of you again. It is simple, just take a few minutes to jot down some things you wish to accomplish this month. It does not have to be a long list, I just suggest you make it as realistic and achievable as possible especially if you are new to making goal oriented lists. It would really make my day if you chose to take it a step further by allowing me to feature you and your goals here. Just email me at thatgalrei@gmail.com with the subject line #Stick2It with either a photograph of your goals listed on post-it’s, listed as bullets in the message body or in any other creative way that you wish to share them. 
As an added treat I have asked my friend Joye, the brains behind this campaign, to share a little about herself and to also detail the campaign for you all. I decided to change up the format for this particular feature because of all of the positive feedback I’ve been getting regarding my most recent feature; and also because I want to give y’all the opportunity to get to know my influences in the same way that I am able to. As always your feedback is crucial! If you haven’t subscribed already remember #supportislove.




(Tell everyone a little about yourself i.e name, where you’re from, occupation, your website/business etc…) 

Still permed
Still Permed 

My name is Joye Nettles! I’m 22, from a little town called, Darlington, South Carolina. From a family full of teachers, I always had a passion for education so I loved my academic journey. I always gave a 150% when it came to my studies! Super proud to have graduated from the College of Charleston in May 2015 with a B.S in Computer Science and minor in mathematics with honors. During my time there, I discovered my passion for technology, specifically for diversity and inclusion in tech related fields. I started the Women in Computing club there which is still thriving today! Along with that, while in college, I was super active in extracurricular activities including my sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., the South Carolina Alliance for Minority Participation (SCAMP), and undergraduate research under a great mentor, Dr. Jim Bowring. Since graduating, I have been working at ThoughtWorks, a global software consultancy, as a Consultant Developer (feel free to ask me about what this entails!). My experiences at ThoughtWorks have really taught me a lot about the technical industry, given me opportunities to travel the US (and India), and introduced me to a ton of great, passionate people around the globe. I’m really happy here because I am always learning and given great support! Lastly, I have to mention, during my senior year in college, I participated in an entrepreneurship-tech incubator program called, ICAT, which opened my eyes to the fact that I’m an entrepreneur! During the program, my team and I created a prototype for a parking mobile application, SpotIt, that won us $10,000! A few months after winning this, I started developing the idea for my baby, Joye to the World!! On April 4, 2016, we launched! Since then, I have been able to develop five websites (and counting) and help several individuals develop their ideas through a technical perspective. Joye to the World is a business, in that we take clients and develop a digital presence for them, but it also is my personal brand! When you see me speaking at conferences or doing community service, that’s Joye to the World! Overall, I’m super happy with life! I think my keys to success have been: staying happy, staying healthy, and staying focused! I’m so driven! I know there is no limit to where I can go!!  

(How long have you been natural? What is something that you have found difficult about your natural journey?) 
So, I had my last perm on December 11, 2015. Does that count as the moment I begun? Haha. I’m still figuring the natural terminology out. But, lets go with that! Almost nine months strong! There are a few things I have found difficult so far. One, I am transitioning still, so I have super curly roots and my permed ends are still so obvious. I hate that when I wear twist outs, the roots of my hair is poppin’, but the

My Favorite Protective Style

straight part looks so damaged. Also, on this note, I have been getting a lot of pressure to big chop so I’ve been having a lot of mental turmoil on whether or not I will be able to pull off the TWA (ha! I do know that natural term simple_smile). Secondly, I work out a lot. That is no bueno! My hair doesn’t really hold on for me with all the sweat and sauna humidity. Third, I think it’s just been difficult to find styles that are maintainable with my busy lifestyle. I need something that’s quick, will survive my workout, and work appropriate. That’s been tough for me. Lastly, I always loved rocking my hair in a wrap. That’s what I’ve been doing all my life. The whole “no heat” thing is something that’s been tough for me because that’s what I know! That’s what I love! However, as I see my curl pattern developing and my hair growing because I have been saying no to flat irons (lol), I am less and less inclined to straighten my hair.   

(What motivated you to join the natural hair community? Did you big chop, transition? Why?) 
I actually was motivated to join the natural hair community wayyyy before I actually stopped getting perms. I saw how beautiful all of my friends’ hair looked with their new natural styles and I always heard the benefits. But, I was stubborn. Determined to prove that you can have healthy, relaxed hair (“relaxed” is such a bad word for what perms do to your hair right. Omg. I just realized that). Anyway, I remember the day. My soror, Kassandra Harris, big chopped on me! I was hurt! She was

Sew In Phase
” I get a lot of questions about how my hair can morph into different styles (I have rocked corn rows, sew-ins, twist outs, wraps, and just normal twists to work btw” 

literally like the only “non-natural” I knew and she traded on me (it’s so funny thinking about it now. lol)! I carried on though. After CofC, I went to India for two months and after that I moved to Dallas where I knew no one! Now, I loved my perms, but I didn’t let just anyone do them, so there was a while where I wasn’t getting any relaxers post graduation. Long story short, after my last relaxer, I realize I just didn’t need it and that I loved the curl pattern I was developing, so I never went back! Haven’t big chopped yet. I think I will just “naturally” transition!     

(Because of your job title and position do you find it difficult to stay true to yourself as a naturalista? Have you had any experiences that you feel have limited that freedom? How about any experiences that have encouraged you to continue on your journey? )
First, this is a great question!! I wouldn’t say I find it difficult to stay true to my inner naturalista, but I would say it can be super annoying at times. My coworkers know me as “Ms. New Hair Every Week” which kind of gives you an idea of my frustrations with work. They don’t mean it negatively of course, I just get a lot of questions about how my hair can morph into different styles (I have rocked cornrows, sew-ins, twist outs, wraps, and just normal twists to work btw). Now that I’m a professional, I have been feeling weird about coloring my hair and rocking my mohawk (which was one of my trademarks in college). As far as experiences that have encouraged me, I would have to say I really look to my friends and little sister for support and inspiration! The other day, I posted my first “natural” picture on social media and got a lot of love so that really encouraged me to keep going!

Today Naturally Care Free
(Now on to the fun stuff. What exactly is the Stick2It Campaign?  What motivated you to start it?)
Yayyy!! Okay, the #stick2it campaign is an idea I came up with because simply, I love planning (and sticky notes)! I wanted to start it because I feel that thinking of ideas is great, but when you come up with a plan of attack, you will actually stick to it and make it happen! 
(Have you already set your September goals? If so do you mind sharing them with the readers?)

My September goals:
  • JTTW
    • Release DoWorkMedia.com (DONE!)
    • Work on JoyeToTheWorld.com redesign for 6 month anniversary
    • Create additional page for SCribtheDJ.com
  • ThoughtWorks
    • Develop ATL Social and Economic Justice strategy for Q4 & Q1 2017
    • Participate in Saturday mentoring session
    • Outline some things for 18 month review
  • Health
    • Limit junk food to twice a week max!!!
    • Lift weights three times a week
    • Cardio two times a week
  • Personal
    • Create my New Years resolutions for year 23!
    • Create realistic budget
    • Be stricter on skin and hair care regimes
That’s all folks!!
(How can our readers get involved in the challenge? Any tips and advise for Sticking to it?)
Your readers can get involved with this by one, taking the time to think up some goals. It can be anything you want to see happen over the next few days, weeks, or throughout September! Then, break these goals down into actionable, isolated steps! So, if your goal is to save $100 this month, make a goal to save $25 a week. I find this is great mentally as you can see progress being made. Also, another tip would be to just have someone hold you accountable. Whether it be your sister, significant other, or coworker, having someone to check in with really helps you say, “Okay. Let me get on this!”. With the #stick2it campaign, we are trying out something we call, social accountability. You put your goals up on facebook, now your followers can help you out too! Lastly, don’t be discouraged if you don’t hit all of your goals! I always set wayyyy too many goals to accomplish, but I am a firm believer in “Aim for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”.
(Anything you want the readers to know? Inspiration tips and or general advise)
My biggest piece of advice is to never be afraid to fail. If you have a dream, go for it! Clichè as it sounds, you really only fail if you don’t try! Also, always try to keep a positive mindset. That will take you far! 
(Where can people find out more information about your website/business? )
You can find more information about my business at JoyeToTheWorld.com! Check out our Facebook, Joye to the World, and Instagram @Joye_ttw to stay up to date with the latest news!  

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