3 Natural Hair Articles Every Natural should check out! 

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Are you feeling frustrated with your hair? Do you feel out of place because of your curls? or Maybe you feel unsure about your natural hair? Check out this article by Tamara the founding editor of Natural Hair Rules

How a Little Black Girl Changed the Way I See my Natural Hair.

Natural Hair Treats 

Curious about the benefits of Hair Masks? Check out this article by Sabrina Perkins. Allow her to school you a bit on their importance in everyone’s hair routine.

Why you Absolutely Need a Mask for Your Natural Hair
Do you want to spice up your essential oil collection? Do you want to try something new in your routine? Check out this article about over looked essential oils by SoIntoCurls 
3 Exotic Oils You’ve never Heard of Loaded with Nourishment for Natural Hair 

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