Hair Diary 9/29/16

Saturday 9/29/16
Today was wash day. My hair needed it but I’m sure my scalp needed it more. I managed to suck it up a few extra days on this roller set than I planned, primarily because I wanted to experience how long the curls would last before frizzing…. today. Monday I moisturized with a mix of essential oils, leave in conditioner and
water. Twisting it into chunky two strands. A few days before I wore it in a Pinterest inspired look to the Do Work Media  Reggae Day Party.  Yesterday I wore Jada puffs, and today I wore a single puff. I find it surprisingly comical that this time last year I  could barely twist my hair and today I am struggling with detangling.
Maintaining my roller set was easier than I thought. My hair responds nicely with Lotta Body’s setting lotion including the more difficulttighter curls in the back of my head. Although I definitely prefer the foam, I like the pump on the bottle okay, the lotion (it has a melted jello hair gel feel to it) worked worked wonders. I enjoy wearing my hair wild and effortless. Wash and go’s are my go to standard to achieve that level of freedom but sadly they often lack the volume I would prefer. After my roller set results I have got to try this product out with my next wash go look.  Maybe I should have tried it tonight but my I know that my hair needed a break after caking it with eco styler, setting lotion and homemade shealoe butter for the past week.  My scalp has been singing since I rinsed earlier and although I veered away from my usual wash day deep conditioning mask treatment, It still feels refreshed. I’ve asked you all before but I want to ask again after playin around with my own routine. What is your wash routine? I came across an IG post a few days ago that remindedunnamed me that I still need  to solidify my own routine.
I pretty much do a lot of this anyway but I have yet to find a moisturizer or a shampoo that I return to constantly. For now my routine is as follows:
  • Moisturize Once every day with homemade Shealoe butter
  • Oil once every other day ( my hair tends to feel gritty and greasy if I do this every night): Talai waajid
  • Co Wash: once or twice weekly  whatever I have on hand (changes pretty much every time I go shopping)
  • Clarify (Shampoo): weekly ditto kiddo every other week I pre poo too.
  • Deep condition: homemade mask weekly or every other week depending
  • Treatment: varies every 4-6 weeks

Any suggestions? As always email me at or DM me on IG @thatgalrei


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This event is for my Loc Queens! I am super excited to work with all the other special guests to empower my fellow naturalistas! If you are in the Charleston Area this is an event that you DO NOT want to miss. Follow @carolinalocexpo on IG for more information and to learn about more upcoming events. ladies-loc-in-summerville



Peace and Hair Grease Y’all







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