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There is something unexplainably magical and freeing about natural hair. No two naturals look the same; we come in different styles, textures, and lengths yet each of us manages to attract attention where ever we go. Whether our kinks and coils defy gravity or out locs hang low to connect with Mother Earth, natural hair is innately beautiful. 




Sunday night, at the first Ladies Loc In, a pre-event for the 1st annual Carolina Loc Expo 2017,  I had the pleasure of being in the midst of a group of culture-embracing women of color in celebration of our loc queens and the overall beauty of the natural woman.. The Ladies Loc In is the vision turned reality of none other than the cultural empowering queen Rebekah Mashel. Rebekah saw the need for our people to expand our knowledge and grow culturally as Kings and Queens. When she reached out to me to take part in her vision I was without a doubt honored and even more motivated as a woman. If the Expo has even a fraction of the energy that her Ladies Loc In event, it is a celebration you do not want to miss.

The Ladies Loc In was not just a networking event, it also provided the opportunity for discussion. The ladies gave their thoughts about a federal appeals court ruling in which a 3-0 decision gives employees the right to discriminate against employees with locs. They also discussed the shaming they have experienced for choosing to have natural hair. It was reported that the ridicule comes from other races, as well as within the black community. 


This Loc in and any upcoming Loc In allow us to explore new and exciting ways to style and care for our hair. Here the ladies experienced the need for us to come together and support one another along our individual journeys. I personally connected with and shared private experiences with some of the ladies before the event and I can’t wait to share our impromptu interview chat with you soon so stay tuned.

Bottom line, this woman is definitely an inspiration!  As she spoke, Rebekah connected with  each of the  women present. She  encouraged us to learn and research the history of locs

img_1239as well as opening our minds to culturally accepting  our individual uniqueness. Another bottom line,  stop sleeping on the vision and join the movement… you’ll thank me later! Until then stay tuned for my interview with Shakeena, the owner of Impress Braids, Loc, and Naturals Salon the wonderful host of the evening and one of her clients Danielle, two naturalista queens I met at the Loc In. If you missed the Summerville  Ladies Loc In, don’t worry there are more to come in preparation for the Expo in June. 


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