Before the Ladies Loc In, sponsored by the First Annual Carolina Loc Expo 2017, I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with two queens, Impress Braids Locs & Naturals owner Sakeenah and one of her supportive clients Danielle. Last week I shared my chat with Sakeenah with y’all, keep scrolling to check out my interview with Danielle.


ThatGalRei:  What is something you have found difficult in your natural journey?

Danielle: I got to a point in my life where I told myself what the hell with it. I don’t care what nobody else thinks I have to love myself. Now I think, I feel like I have a wall up. You know you go through different things in your life so it’s like a wall is up…I love being natural I’m glad I did it. It was like 5 years ago.

ThatGalRei: I was just about to ask you that *we both laugh*

Danielle: Yea I still had a little bit of perm in my hair though. My sister was already loc’d

ThatGalRei: So did you start out with locs or did you big chop? Maybe transition?

Danielle: Yea I transitioned. What happened was, my hair was soft and wouldn’t do right. It looks thick but it just looks it. I wanted it to look thicker…so I decided to loc it.

ThatGalRei:I transitioned from a bob how did you transition?

Danielle:  I started from an afro.

ThatGalRei: What motivated you to join the natural hair community?

Danielle: I wanted to know more about my hair.  I didn’t start off with her—motions to Sakeenah—but with other people and when I asked questions about maintaining my hair, how to keep it strong. No one wanted to educate me. I’m interested in learning about my hair so I wanted to meet people to learn. I also wanted to find me and be happy. Plus I always wanted to be natural.

ThatGalRei: Do you find it difficult to be yourself, a natural woman of color in your career?

Danielle: I feel like I’m constantly educating on caring for locs. A lot of them just don’t understand it.

ThatGalRei: Is there anything you would like the readers to know? Any inspirational tips? Any advice?

Danielle: I mix a lot of stuff up. I’m still learning myself. I still haven’t figured the right products for my hair.



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