Product Review: Hydrating Créme Concoction

New products are always fun, I’m sure we can agree on that right? I mean I can’t be the only one who gets EXTRA excited when I open something new to try. Last week I ordered the Curly Concoctions™ Hydrating Créme Concoction by Coco Conscious Collective from

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Now I’ve played around with Coco Conscious Collective products before and found satisfaction. I  have used the Curly Concoctions™ Re-Define Foaming Gel as well as the Straight Transformations™ Conditioning Shine Rinse too. As cheesy as this sounds I’m pretty snug as a bug in a rug over the results from a week of playing around with this créme.
Last Wednesday 11/9/16 
I started by washing my hair per my usual mid-week routine- Pre Poo, Co-Wash, Deep Condition…-  here is where I would usually apply a leave-in before I finished by moisturizing. This time I was able to do it all in one step. Did that  excite you as much as it did me? I re-read the follow line in the description 5 times to make sure I got it right.
 “this ultimate moisture mixture hydrates and defines the coarsest  of curls and is perfect to use as a daily moisturizer or leave-in on wet tresses”
Before applying it in small sections to my damp hair.
I decided to style my hair in twists for a few days so I used the créme  to twist my hair while I cooled my face down with a face mask. I moisturized using it in the morning before work for the next few days.I was so happy with how the twist out turned out after  I took the twists out to attend a wedding  (Saturday 11/12/16) I did a happy dance in the mirror. My curlies  were hydrated, plump, and defined and they still are 3 days later.
Saturday after I took out the twists
This morning, Tuesday, 3 day’s later
I don’t know about you but no matter what I’ve used-home made treatments or branded products-my hair usually “acts up”.  I have to re-twist after a day or two after twisting or  redo the twists altogether the day after I take out them out. I forgot to wear my bonnet Sunday night and my curls barely frizzed. This morning… 6 days after the initial twist night and  3 days after I took the twists out… I only needed to spritz my hair using a mixture I make myself before I applied the creme in small sections as I finger detangled. This stuff is magical!
Not only does this product smell amazing…I wanted to dip a cookie in it… but it feels great!!! It doesn’t cake and it doesn’t feel heavy. It is giving my curls everything I look for in a good product..hydrated, defined, and voluminous curls. I can’t wait to wash my hair and play around with my cold weather “wash and go” next!
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