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Good morning M’dears!


How was everyone’s time spent with loved ones this past “Thanksgiving”? I ate myself into a coma between my cousin’s mac and cheese and my aunties best friends  ‘Nana Pudding. For my fitness Kings and Queens how can I burn off those extra pounds I definitely gained on Turkey Day lol…I’m dead a**!!!

As many of you know I’ve started sharing more and more tutorials with y’all via YouTube. Thank you for those of you who have provided feedback. Your continued support has really helped me improve how I present those tutorials to you…but I need your help! I really really REALLY want to customize my YouTube URL but I can’t unless I have 100 subscribers ?. So that’s where you my favorite readers come in. If you haven’t already check out my channel (click here) watch a video or two, share it, and subscribe! -find me on YT by searching ThatGalRei too-

Tell your Natural friends and family, the chick you know that has been contemplating the big chop, the co-worker that’s always asking if she/he can touch your hair i need y’alls help with spreading the word. If you’re new to this site go ahead and subscribe in the right column over there. Starting in December thatgalrei.com is the natural hair guide you want to stay up to date with.

Per usual Peace & Hair Grease y’all!


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