5 takeaways from Tzipporah Braiding Studio’s 1st Annual Braider Nation Showcase 2016

Although it took some time getting started; once the 1st annual Braider Nation Showcase by Tzipporah Braiding Studio CEO Tiffany Monique got underway the crowd’s energy instantly changed. It was clear that everyone was excited to see what a few of the Charleston area’s best braiders/stylist had to offer. From an Avatar reminiscent Mohawk by Dye 4 Hair’s Collette Singleton to flawlessly executed flaming red faux locs by Tira of Blazing Braids & Styles, this year’s Braider Nation Showcase has me ready to see how the showcase will progress in the coming years.
This year’s categories and categories winners are as follows:
Sickest Mohawk Collette Singleton of Dye 4 Hair 
Baddest faux Locs Tira of Blazing Braids & Styles 
Best Cartoon Collette Singleton of Dye 4 Hair
Best Fantasy Hair Collette Singleton of Dye 4 Hair
Dopest Poetics Shay of Annabelle Julie
Neatest Ghana Collette of Dye 4 Hair
Sickest Fishtail Collette Singleton of Dye 4 Hair
Sickest Halo Jackecia White of Styles By Keys
The events grand prize winner was none other than Collette of Dye 4 Hair. Congratulations! Collette seriously set the tone for the entire event! 

That all being said here are our 5 takeaways from the event.

  1. “Charleston needs more events [featuring braided hair styles and loc magic] like this”

While waiting at the front door before the event got started Kionne and I sparked a convo with the ticket collector. She was definitely excited about the showcase. She let us know right away that she couldn’t wait for more people to jump on board.

  1. The Show Must Go On!

Just as life throw’s us curve-balls sometimes things don’t go as planned. Despite a few noticeable setbacks it was obvious to Ki and I that Tiffany is well loved in the braiding community here in Charleston. We witnessed raw support from clients, rivals and braid enthusiast alike. I am so grateful to her for the opportunity to witness her and the other stylist shine. 

  1. Ghana Braids and a little Gold dress are a perfect combo!

Kionnes favorite look of the evening was styled by Collette Singleton, the showcase winner. Her model weeerrk it in a shimmery gold little dress and she wore her Ghanas and strutted like a true Queen for the judges.

  1. Princess Jasmine with braids is definitely better than the original.

Thanks to Dye 4 Hair we were graced not only with Minnie Mouses presence but also that of Princess Jasmine and Genie. Who knew braids could be so intricately designed (watch our video recap below.

  1. Next year’s Braider Nation Showcase is going to be Lit! I can’t wait to see more. 


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Vendors & Participants


Dye 4 Hair Collette Singleton

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Blazing Braids & Styles by Tira

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hair product ppl

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braids by Lisa

Kute On purpose

Victorious Designs

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