Product Review: Lotta Body’s Cleanse Me Co-Wash/Potential ThatGalRei Give-A-Way?

Hey my natural Kings & Queens! I hope everyone has had an eventful yet prosperous  first New Year week. Personally I am adjusting to new faces and cold weather because as I mentioned in my previous post I have begun a brand new chapter in my life. So I ask that you amazing Kings and Queens bare with me these next few weeks as I will not be posting any new YouTube Tutorials or Posts until mid February. Still I couldn’t let another day go by without filling y’all in on another amazing product that I recently tried out. A few months ago I took advantage of an Instagram Give-A-Way sponsored by Lottabody because hey who doesn’t love free products. My gift–Lotta Body’s Cleanse Me Co-Wash– came in the mail a few days before I left for Atlanta and so I threw it in my suitcase last minute just in case I had the opportunity to use it while I was with family. Good thing I did because

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upon arriving in the A I realized that I left my entire hair product bag on my bed in South Carolina. Way to go Rei! I tried to go the full week without touching my hair but as many of you know…when you have thick unruly curls….this is virtually impossible…I didn’t last a full day. My hair frizzed overnight without my usual moisturizer and gel just wasn’t cutting it. So I decided to Co wash it.

I know I know….I totally ventured outside of my usual hair routine but what was a gal to do? I couldn’t walk around Atlanta looking like I had been electrocuted…As much as I love my fluff there is a serious difference between intentional puff/fluff and “I can’t drag a comb through my head” fuss. In a normal week I would use this product at least once on my co-wash day. Since this was far from a normal hair week I actually used it 3 times because the replacement moisturizer I wasted money on (we will talk about this in another post sooner or later) had to be cleansed from my hair every other day because it was so cakey and thick.

ThatGalRei Tip:

NEVER BUY a CHEAP PRODUCT THAT YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH…even if you are familiar with other products within that brand…

Like many of you my natural can be difficult to manage. I almost always have to pre-poo before washing EVEN on a co-wash day. I was expecting to have to really work with this product to tame my mane especially since it had this electrocuted caked up look going on. However, I was shocked when that was not the case. After rinsing my hair in the shower  and then working the Co Wash through my hair in small sections I found that this product did most of the work for me. It was like magic; the sections that were product free were tearfully painful to detangle whereas the sections that were lathered up with Co-Wash took little to no work to comb. The next 3 days with my family I was happy that they noticed and even commented on the reduction of frizz atop my head. I was super pleased that my hair actually felt lighter on my head and although briefly used this product stood up to it’s advertising. I am so excited to continue using this product and plan on updating you with my hairs reaction to it in more detail soon. As I mentioned above please be patient with me! After I returned to Charleston and before leaving for Indiana I actually had Kionne braid my hair down so that I could minimize my day to day hair routine by slapping on a wig. So I have not used this product since December 28th.

This is also my first time using/wearing a wig and I am having a field day with the freedom it has afforded me as I go through this intensive training. The only two steps in my routine Image-1are oiling my scalp with a blend of essential oils that I created every other day and wrapping up my braided scalp with a silk scarf and bonnet at night. Talk about simple!

Because this is my first time wearing a wig I have decided to share this oil blend recipe with you all IF and ONLY if you guys help me reach 75 +subscribers by the end of February. It’s simple share this post with your friends, your family, your coworkers, your brothers, your sisters WHOMEVER! I just ask that you spread the word. This offer will be open to EVERYONE not just my subscribers and will be accessible via the recipe tab if you guys help me reach my goal. As an added bonus if we make it to 100 +subscribers on YouTube I will do a Free product Giveaway on Instagram by sending 1 or more winner one of my favorite products. 

“In the meantime I want to hear from y’all! I want to know what type of tutorials y’all want to see when I get back at it next month. I want to know what y’all want to see me go into detail about on here! So email me ( or DM me on the gram @thatgalrei 



As ALWAYS Peace and Hair Grease Y’all!





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