What’s in your bottle?

Don’t you just hate when you run out of your favorite hair ingredients?

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If you keep up with me on the gram you know I’ve been gone a few weeks training for a new job. Before I left I vaguely recall tossing empty product bottles, intending to restock once I returned home. However between training, graduating, practice flying and trying to move out of my current apartment I completely forgot that I used ALL of one crucial hair care ingredient, aloe vera juice. I use Aloe Juice in my skin care and hair care regimes; predominantly as the key ingredient to my homemade daily spritz recipe (I sent my lovely subscribers this recipe a few weeks ago). My minor memory slip wouldn’t have been an issue had I’d noticed earlier in the day but of course I didn’t notice until way after GNC and Vitamin shoppe were closed.

One of you may be thinking “Well ma’am just go the next morning when they are open” to which I will imaginarily respond “If I hadn’t been scheduled to fly out at 6:20 this morning, I would’ve done just that”.

The clock was ticking, it was already past 10:30. I still needed to finish packing so I could go to bed at a decent hour or risk sleeping through my alarm. I needed to whip up something quick to use as a daily spritz for my 4 day trip.

My hair has suffered enough the last few weeks from unintentional neglect. I was so stressed out that on top of dull, dead looking hair I also broke out in stress induced acne during my training. Needless to say it is imperative that I regain some sort of normalcy in my normal, tender loving hair and skin care routine before things get out of hand.

Before I started using aloe as the key ingredient in my daily spritz base I would use a blend of leave in conditioner and water…although a little bit thicker it still gets the job done. For the next 4 days it will have to do. Below you’ll find how I made it.

-You’ll need a spray bottle that is at least 8oz

-essential oils

I used: Lavender, peppermint, lemon and orange oils.
-approx. 2 capfuls of your favorite leave-in conditioner

I used: Taliah Waajid Curls,Waves & Naturals The Great Detangle
-A funnel (totally optional)

In an 8oz spray bottle add the leave in, fill about half way with water and then add in your essential oil choices. Add more water (and or conditioner if you’d like) until it is about an inch from the cap. Shake well! And Bam! Instant daily spritz. Remember to shake every time you use it!!

My aloe vera blend is similar but has a few more ingredients.

Although I call this my daily spritz I don’t necessarily use this every day. It just depends on how I’m wearing my hair. It is extremely useful for managing/maintaining day old twist/braid outs, detangling a day old wash and go. And adding a little moisture (don’t forget a sealant) when you need it. Sooner or later I’ll share a mash of video clips depicting how and when I use a spritz whether it has aloe juice or leave in.

If you haven’t ever used Aloe Vera in your hair/skin routine, Click HERE to read why  it is an essential product to have on hand!

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