Tips for your 2-strand twists

Written March 1, 2017

Today is day two rocking mini twist. Can you believe they already require a retwist, super frustrating!!! The last few times I twisted my hair they lasted a little over a week before needing a touch up. I’m not sure if it’s  my heat-damaged ends, my use of a different product–ORS Lock/Twist Gel–or stubborn tresses but my twist are refusing to stay twisted.

Normally I twist my hair using ecostyler in combination with either my own Shea butter blended mixture or a product brand like Shea Moisture or Eden Bodyworks. However because of workimage, constantly being in the air I haven’t quite solidified my travel bag hair essentials. Twisting my hair was a last minute decision while visiting some friends in Myrtle Beach, SC earlier this week. Since I was product-less I decided to try the ORS Loc/Twist gel my friend had in their product collection. My twists turned out beautifully. The product felt light and seemed to hold up beautifully with my hair….at first at least. But as I said already it’s day two they refuse to stay twisted.

,image As I sat retwisting my tired looking tresses using Eden Bodyworks Pudding Soufflé and a diluted LottaBody setting lotion spritz mixture I started thinking of ways I could extend the life of my mini twists until the end of my reserve status (Next Monday). So I decided to take a bloggers break from twisting (almost done!!!) to share these tips with you. Enjoy!



  1. A Happy Scalp is a Healthy Scalp
    1. keeping your scalp moisturized is a MUST do for maintaining any hair style natural or not. I personally use a blend of essential oils but feel free to use what you know works.
  2. Your Tresses Get Thirsty Too
    1. the weather in Kansas City, MO  isn’t as humid as my beloved Charleston, SC so my hair has been drier than normal. Rubbing your favorite moisturizer over your twist at least every other day is helpful in preventing crunchy tired twist…I love using peppermint oil.
  3. A Solid Night Routine
    1. I’m not very good at protecting my fro at night but when it comes to twists I never forget my silk cap. Having a silk pillowcase is an added bonus in case you’re a heavy sleeper and your bonnet slips off. Some of you may also use a scarf. Personally I don’t because my it tends to flatten my twists. None the less protecting your hair at night prevents frizz and dry looking hair.
  4. Last But Certainly Not Least
    1. keep your hands out of your hair and off your scalp UNLESS moisturizing. I know it’s hard believe me my favorites past time is playing with my hair. But I’ve noticed that my twist unravel more easily when I do this. Try massaging your neck instead

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Until next time my lovelies

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