When your night routine fails more often than not!

The worst feeling in the world after having painstakingly gathered my curls in a pineapple and wrapped it with a silk scarf- is waking up scarf still in place with dried out curls and bed head.

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Actually waking up to a dead phone hurts just a tad bit more but bed head is definitely up there too.
Why does this keep happening? Better yet How does it keep happening? The dry bed head hair that is.
I follow most recommended bed head prevention instructions. -most of the time anyway

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I hydrate at night by either misting with a spritz bottle of my own creation or by using a product or two such as cremes or oils. I pineapple my hair and wrap it with a silk scarf. -sometimes I forget sue me. All In hopes of waking up with perfect curls.

But this happens:

Me two days ago when I started working on this post

The more effort I put into protecting my hair at night. The worse off it looks in the morning. It’s so frustrating!! I have my cleansing routine down. But my maintenance routine severely lacks.

Does anyone else have this problem?

It honestly makes me want to chop my hair off again. No promises that I won’t…
Styling my hair every day -outside of two strand twists- is becoming more and more annoying. But then again when it turns out right..I fall in love all over again with my hardheaded kinky coils.


It’ is definitely a process. Taking the easy way out would be super easy. Yet deep down I know I would be missing out on some crucial step necessary for self development and discovery.
Why yes I think my hair contributes to my personal progress. I mean my hair is a part of me, it is a reflection of who I am. Of what I care about.

When I wake up with bed head recovery is a must. By recovery I mean salvaging my matted dry looking curls. Some days recovery is easier than others. It’s simply a hit or miss depending on how hard I was sleeping.
Some of my favorite “Bed Head Recovery Styles” include

▪️Jada Puffs (named after my friend Jada who is the queen of the Afro puffs!!)

▪️Pineapple puff (Me when I had lighter hair in Oct 2015)


▪️and Double French braids if my hair is cooperative

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If all else fails scarves/wraps are a girls best friend m’dears

How do you combat bed head? Lets chat about it?

Peace and Hair Grease y’all


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