Natural Influencer Revamp’d!

Has it really been five months since the last natural influencer feature?  Tote’s uncool I know. Fear not! That changes soon!

Hopefully you have been keeping up with my Instagram account and noticed the #FroFriday shoutout campaign. #FroFriday seeks to highlight your favorite Fro Kings and Fro Queens by showcasing the everyday frotasticness in us all.

To be featured or to feature a fro friend is easy and simple. On Friday’s look for the starter post… It’ll look a little something like this…

When you see it tag a friend or ask a friend to tag you in the comments.

To be featured you or your friend MUST be  following @thatgalrei & @carolinalocexpo if you aren’t already. Other than that I just ask that  please be patience with me. I promise you will be featured.

The last few fridays provided a lot of inspiring feedback. I was stunned and humbled by how many were willing to participate.  It was suggested to me that I feature some of those featured on Instagram here on this site. After giving it some thought I agreed. What better way to be introduced to hardworking naturals in the community then through community suggestion?  Of course I will still be looking for influencers around me in my daily travels but I am excited to have a new source of influencers to share with y’all. Thanks for your continued support and stay tuned for our first Fro Friday Influencer Feature interview @cee.renali as well as our FroFriday Shout outs every Friday.



Peace & Hair Grease!

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