Relaxed & Cute with @alexandreaaa

Fros come in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures and patterns as I’m sure many of you have noticed. FroFriday shout outs allow us to connect with naturals from everywhere rocking their bold manes with pride.


imageAlex is a 2014 graduate of the College of Charleston and a 2016 graduate of MUSC. She describes her look as relaxed cute be it her hair or the outfit she’s wearing she loves to be comfortable. She began her natural journey as an undergrad at CofC and 3 years later her crown is truly an inspiration!

Question. Why did you choose to revert back to a natural hair state?
Alex. My hair was beyond damaged from constantly coloring & relaxing it. I also couldn’t find a hairdresser that I trusted in Charleston so I took matters into my own hands. 

Q. What do you love most about your hair?
A. That it’s such a conversation starter. People are always curious to know what products I use, how long it is, etc. Who knew that embracing my hair for exactly how it grows out of my head would be a topic of conversation!

Q. How would you describe your look?
A. Relaxed cute. Whether it’s my hair routine or the outfit that I’m wearing (when I’m not in scrubs), I like to keep it pretty low maintenance. I’m all about being comfortable.

Q. What inspires you the most?
A. Resiliency. Whether it’s my own, or that of the people I surround myself with, I love to see people bounce back from tough situations. 

Q. Go to hair product or most used hair product?
A. Taliah Waajid “The Great Detangler” & Curls “Creme Brule Curl Cream”. I usually have one of these mixed in water in a spray bottle to give my puff or three strand twist out some life on a daily basis. 

Q. If a college alum where and when did you graduate?
A. I graduated from College of Charleston in 2014 and MUSC in 2016.

Q. Were you natural as a student?
A. I began transitioning in my junior year at CofC & cut off my relaxed ends in the beginning of my senior year.

Q. If so please describe your experience: image
A. Transitioning in this Charleston humidity was no joke. But a with a little TLC & YouTube vids I made it through. I was definitely too scared to do a big chop, so I transitioned to my desired length then cut off my relaxed ends.

Q. Have you faced any difficulties in the workplace as a natural?
A. Not at all. There is the occasional unwanted touch, but I’ve never been discriminated against because of my hair.
Q. Any positives?
A. The occasional compliment that I get is nice. Also, talking about products, hairstyles, etc. has allowed me to bond with & get to know a few of my coworkers that are natural as well. 
Q. What is your go to hair style?
A. The high puff. 

Q. Who/what do you enjoy listening to?
A. I honestly listen to a little bit of everything. But my hands down favs of all time are Big KRIT and Kid Cudi.

Q. Personal Tips?   image
A. Find what works best for YOUR hair and stick to it. When I first went natural I got caught up in what my favorite YouTubers were using on their hair thinking that those same products would work wonders for me & I was so wrong. Try out a few different things then stick with your favs.


Thanks Alex for being such an inspiration and natural influencer. You can check her out on the gram @alexandreaaa

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