Classic Me, remembering early CofC me

Yesterday I tried something with my hair that I haven’t done since I first started transitioning in 2011. After washing my hair with my new favorite conditioner-Hask

June 2012 w/ my best friend Kierra

Argan Oil Repairing Conditioner- also known as Co-Washing, I applied Eco Styler Gel and ONLY eco styler gel to my hair. (Scroll down to the bottom to read how I did this step by step).

I must admit I LOVED the results. My curls were a lot more tamed and defined than it usually is after I do a wash n go look.  Thankfully my hair didn’t feel dry- I’m attributing this to the Hask Conditioner because it has been noticeably softer and more manageable since I started using it in early March. Dry hair is one of the reasons I changed up my hair routine a few years ago and eliminated Eco styler as a stand alone product from my routine. The only downside to using this gel by itself this time around was having  a few “crunchy curls”.  I probably won’t use eco styler by

Nov 2012 sophomore yr w/ PattyCakes

itself to often because I am a stickler for following my routine; however it is comforting to know that I can change it up every once and a while and still achieve amazing results.

Sadly I did not take any photos of my hair this time. Only a few videos on Snapchat and Instagram show how amaze-balls my hair looked yesterday and I havent figured out how to add those on here just yet (please email me if you have any suggestions). Please check out my Instagram page @thatgalrei to see my early CofC Kiki inspired curly look.


Peace and Hair Grease


Step by step Wash N Go directions ThatGalRei Style using Eco Styler Gel.


After washing your hair..

1) part hair into 4 sections and secure with hair elastics, or clips.

2) use a detangling brush or comb to work out the kinks in your first section (I always start in the back)

3) rub some gel into both hands, i dont have a set amount, and startig from my roots I comb my hands and fingers through the section. Twisting my hair onto itself and making prayer hands to really work the gel over each strand.

4) run the brush or comb back through the section one more time to smooth out the knots ( my hair tangles up fast) secure with a clip or elastic to keep it out of the way

repeat steps 2-4 for each of the other sections.

Once you’re on your last section remove elastics or clips and style as desired.

I’ll post a video of this eventually for those of you who are like me and learn better with visuals.

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