Social Media Analytics ARE important| Thx U Kim R.


Yesterday I posted this photo on my IG account

Because as I stated in the comments I am truly thankful, grateful, and blessed for the support system I have developed. The doors of opportunities that have begun to open for me since I began this blogging journey are truly amazing, and none of it would be possible had I tried to do it alone. My grandmother always taught me to give thanks where it is due and so I really want to extend the largest of thanks to influencer and blogger Kim Richard



A few days ago she she featured me on her business account and I have definitely noticed a subtle increase in traffic across my social media services. Tracking impressions and analytics is a new concept for me. But I’ve noticed it is a concept pushed by all of the major bloggers, influencers and app companies that promote social media interactions such as the Later app.


Q. Why do these top shooters push tracking analytics and impressions?
A. Because it’s super important DUHHH

No but really..If you are trying to break into the blogging, vlogging social media markets your success depends on taking the time to do your homework (i.e. Keep up with who you are engaging with the most and when via the analytic analysis available on every social media outlet you use) AND taking advantage of promotion opportunities offered by major influencers such as Kim Richard. For example below I’ve posted my blog statistics from 2 weeks ago vs. last week when Kim shouted me out vs. this week up until today. Remember this week isn’t over yet.


Here’s a shot of the international connections I made last night.


And my Instagram impressions this week vs. last week


I encourage any newbies to the social media marketing world to develop these necessary relationships because trust me you will not grow without them. Take a leap of faith and see what Kim can do for you!

Again thank you Kim for your continued support! You can check out her site by clicking here  and connect with her on IG @theinfluencerkimrichard & @naturalrootsllc
Peace and Hair Grease


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