Relle’s 1st Twist Out @relle_theprettyone

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it when my friends ask me to help them with their hair. It gives me a break from my own crown by allowing me to play around with other textures and hair types.

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I AM NOT a stylist. I can do some mean twists or plaits for a twist out or braid out but that’s about it. I always refer my friends to a professional for the more complicated looks None the less it is always an honor to be trusted to help a sister out. Particularly when it’s her first time truly rocking her natural fro.

One of my fellow flight attendants & new friend Cherelle has been natural for a little over a year and a half now. Her natural texture is simply amazing but like a lot of you she prefers keeping it braided up for ease and comfort. IMG_0198The transition to natural is not easy for everyone but either way Relle wears her hair she slay’s. After wearing her fro/twist out for a few days I asked her the following questions to see how she was feeling about her not so new look.

Q. Why’d you decide to revert back to a natural state of hair?

Cherelle [while scrubbing away at dirty dishes]. I decided to revert back because perms were breaking off my hair really bad, it was thinning out like crazy. My grandmother has really really thin hair so my momma has really thin hair so I have thin hair. It’s thick (pointed to her fro) but when it was permed it was very very thin and it wasn’t pretty. It was breaking off and I kept having to cut it. It wasn’t growing as fast as it does without a perm.  

Q. What do you want to say to your natural sisters that are afraid to rock their crowns?

C. I say just do it. First of all your man is going to love it because it’s really soft, and curly. You might not think it’s you but it can definitely be you. 

Q. Anything else you want to say about your hair?

C. [smiles] No I just love my hair! 

After she shampooed and conditioned using Hask products. I twisted her hair using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and the pink colored Eco styler gel.  (click the photo below to view on Flickr)

cherelle 2

Her Hair is SOOO coily it’s ridiculous HASHTAG CurlGoals! (click the photo below to view on Flickr)

Cherelle video

Wearing her natural hair out is a total adjustment for Relle but I definitely think she’s going to be doing it a lot more often.  Like I already said homegirl SLAYS. Thanks for trusting me with your first official twist out love you rocked it as a real Queen should.

Peace and Hair Grease,




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