Essential oils Essential to My Routine Pt 1

Essential oils are essentially essential to my hair wardrobe. -try saying that 3x’s fast.

I add them to my homemade products, to my homemade hair treatments, to my shampoos and to my conditioners. Bottom-line my hair would suffer without them. Not only are they instrumental for my hair’s health, but many of them have other properties that make them natural alternatives for anyone’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Today we are going to talk about 3 of my favorites.

Lavender Oil- is extracted from the flowers of the lavender plant.

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I add a few drops of this floral oil to my spritz bottle and different homemade hair treatments because it is known to prevent hair loss, and promote hair growth. It was found to be extremely vital in treating hair loss due to alopecia in a 1998 Scottish study. Approximately 40% of patients with alopecia showed an increase in hair growth when rubbing lavender and other essential oils such as rosemary and thyme on the scalp regularly.

How else is it used?

  • Its soothing scent is known to help ease anxiety & stress—I love rubbing a small dab on my temples whenever I have stress related migraine.
  • It helps even/restore skin complexion and prevent acne—take a look at the ingredient list on some of your major skin care products. Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) may just be an ingredient
  • Get a good night’s rest by rubbing some on your temples before falling asleep- I love to soak in a tub with a combo of these 3 oils the aroma is heavenly and I always get a good nights sleep. You can also rub a few drops on your temples.
  • Rub a little on aching, sore muscles to improve stiffness

Peppermint Oil- is made by extracting the oils from peppermint leaves.

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It is rich in fatty acids and other hair happy stimulants that are great for the scalp. It helps cleanse the scalp of dandruff leaving the scalp free of inflammation, feeling fresh, and smelling lovely. Like the Lavender oil my hair spritz typically contains peppermint oil. One of my favorite products with peppermint oil Is Eden Body Work’s Natural Hair oil which is a blend of Peppermint and Tea tree oil.

It is also good for:

  • Relieving headaches- like lavender oil you can rub a few drops on your temples
  • Easing tight and achy muscles- rub some all over those achy, sore muscles. My roommate started using my peppermint oil after her workouts and can’t get enough of the stuff.
  • Unclogging the sinuses—I suffer from allergies seasonally. I never know when my nose will feel plugged or stuffy. I’ve gotten into the habit of dropping 4-5 drops of peppermint oil and lavender oil each to a bowl of hot water to inhale regularly. It clears my nasal passages and helps relieve the pressure from allergy induced headaches. If I’m feeling extra stuffy I place a towel over my head while inhaling.

Tea Tree Oil-Is made from the leaves of the tea tree plant.

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I use this antibacterial and antiseptics oil primarily to prevent dandruff and keep my scalp clean when I wear protective styles. I love pairing it with other moisturizing oils. Like peppermint oil it helps reduce dandruff and prevents hair thinning.



How else is it used?

  • Reducing acne and fading acne scars- I have a bad habit of popping white heads resulting in scars.
  • Repelling insects.
  • Prevent foot odor

I use these three oils together a LOT for most of the above mentioned benefits. Try  mixing them with carrier oils like olive oil or grape seed oil and applying them to your scalp and watch your hair thrive!

As mentioned in 4 Reasons Aloe Vera is Essential to my Hair Routine I buy my wellness products from nutrition stores. I love playing around with the oils and my hair and watching my hair’s progress. I look forward to sharing my recipes one day soon.

What are your favorite oils? Tag me on the gram using the hashtag #thatgalrei with your favorite essential oils. Do you make your own oil blends? My favorite one to make is cayenne pepper oil. (Click here to read how you can make this oil and use it to increase hair growth).


Per Usual,

Peace and Hair Grease


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