Hair Discussion: Hair Porosity and TNRBeauty

Google defines Hair Porosity as your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. With there being 3 levels to the Porosity Spectrum:

Low: Hair tends to be resistant to absorbing moisture a.k.a cuticles are closed. You may have noticed your hair takes a long time to dry or absorb oils and products. 

Medium/Normal: Hair is A-Okay. Your curls are on fleek and bounce around like your homegirl who loves to shake her a**. Your hair easily absorbs moisture into the cuticles. 

High: Although your hair absorbs water quite well it STAYS DRY! You find yourself having to constantly moisturize to compensate however it never seems to be enough. 

To be completely honest with y’all I have never really kept up with my hair’s porosity. Up until February, I lived in Charleston, SC where my hair had grown accustomed to humid weather conditions. I was pretty habitual with my hair routine. Now that I work/“live”  in Kansas City, Missouri and spend a lot of time in the air I have begun noticing that my hair is losing its usual luster and softness. I have been meaning to give the porosity test a try for a few months now but I kept pushing it to the back burner. Telling myself I’d rework my routine sooner or later. 

Sooner or Later…

Recently I partnered with this amazing brand The Natural Root to experience their proclaimed Hair Food products. Per mentioned above, I haven’t given my hair’s porosity a thought for some time now until I opened my The Natural Root package and read over the enclosed pamphlet about their Sweet Honey Deep Conditioner & More. The first thing that caught my eyes in the pamphlet was the statement “Try the Porosity Test”. Just ask my roommate y’all I got super excited. I felt as if The Natural Root had somehow snuck their way into my subconscious thoughts/to-do list to remind me that I needed to test my hair to see what my hair needed. 

“So how do you test your hair’s porosity Rei?” scroll to the bottom of this page to see how. 

So after spending approx. 9hrs non-reving back to base (I had my TNR package shipped to Charleston so I flew into town to pick it up and then flew right back out for work) I decided to relax and unwind by feeding my hair with my new products.

To see my porosity test and my first experience using The Natural Root’s Food for your hair products Please check out the video below.

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How to Test Your Hairs Porosity.

You will need:

A bowl or cup of warm water

3 strands of hair  1 from the front, crown, and nape of your head

  1. First and foremost The Natural Root encourages testing your hair after having used a sulfate-free cleansing shampoo. I used Hask’s Keratin Protein Shampoo to clean my hair.
  2. place the strands in the water
  3. If the strands floats on top your porosity is low if it sinks to the bottom of the bowl/cup your porosity is high, and if it stays in the middle your porosity is normal.

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