1st Impression: Wen Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment

A few weeks ago, I visited my grandmother in Jersey City for the first time ever. I had such a fun time y’all. (read about it here) Being the ever-supportive granny that she is, she gave me a few products to try out “For your blog reviews” she said.

Which brings us together here. Yesterday I finally tried the Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment by Wen® by Chaz Dean that she gave me.

Question: Why are product names always SOOOO long?

First complaint, why in the FIZZNIZ is this jar SO TINY! Is this stuff supposed to be used by big hair’d chicks like myself? This has got to be a joke.

IMG_0520I looked it up on the website to check, to my horror it looks like 2oz is really all they give you. (I couldn’t tell the exact dimensions since they don’t list them BUT since this product is listed under the travel size package I’m assuming that it is less than 3oz.) To add insult to injury their checkout process has a disclaimer that states:


Excuse me…What?

Even if I am allowed to cancel my subscription I don’t like that it automatically signs you up for it on your first purchase. That is just plain sketchy.  LUCKILY amazon came through with a 4oz jar available for purchase…for a WHOOPING $58 + shipping and handling… of course.

Despite these initial frustrations with this product I still decided to trust my tresses with its Re Moistening capacities.

On a positive note I was very excited to see mint on the product label. I love anything and everything minty. My excitement soon died after applying the product to my roots. Most minty products have this tingling sensation that is cooling and soothing to the scalp. I was disappointed that this product did NOT meet that expectation. It didn’t even smell very minty. It had this creamy and sweet smell with a hint of perfume (Estee Lauder maybe?) to cover the fact that it almost smelt spoiled. Upon investigating the product label I discovered that the supposed mint in this product is actually menthol…“an organic compound made synthetically from corn mint, peppermint, or mint oils.” -thank you Wikipedia.( true mint would say mentha)  Go figure.

The fine print on the bottom of the jar states that the “re moist intensive hair treatment is a concentrated treatment that is designed to help strengthen and repair the hair.” It goes on to say that it is “formulated to help promote hair that is shiny, protected from heat styling tools, frizz-free, full of body, smooth and manageable” Did this product do all that for me? For the most part, yes it did. I cannot speak on the strengthen and repair part because I only used it this once.  However:

✔ Was my hair shiny?  Yep

X Was my hair protected from heat styling tools? I wouldn’t know I haven’t put heat on my hair since January.

✔ Was my hair Frizz-free?  You bet, at least for the full day. I woke up this morning with frizz head but hey all my hair needed was a little sprucing.

✔ Full of body? Yes sir

✔ Manageable? styling it yesterday was a breeze.

Sounds like a winner right…wrong.  Here’s why. There is nothing extra special about this product. It’s sub-par at best. It most certainly is not worth getting sucked into a sketchy  online payment system nor $58 bucks for a 4 oz jar given it doesn’t even use organic ingredients. What’s more I simply cannot get past the fact that the jar was ONLY enough for one treatment. Like many naturalistas I make it my biddness to deep condition at least once a week. I was also concerned with the products texture. It felt very slimy so much so that I thought my hair would have problems absorbing it. Thankfully that was not the case and I was surprised to see that after 20 minutes my hair felt intensely hydrated. Still I can’t get over the size of this jar. Nor can I move past the cost when I know there are other products and homemade treatments that would work just as effectively while saving you coins.

After trying it out I read a few reviews and articles mentioning the lawsuit that the brand Wen faced a few years ago concerning hair loss. It sounds as though Wen is probably more suited for kinky, curly hair more so than straight fine hair however it is not going on my recommendation list. To read more about the Wen sike hype click here

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Peace and Hair Grease

Ya Girl


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