Men Are Natural Influencers TOO!

Fro’s come in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and patterns as I’m sure many of you have noticed. My instagram #FroFriday shout outs allow me to connect with and share naturals from every walk of life rocking their bold manes with pride.

-Rei Alexander


Born & raised in the church around music aspiring model Creighton Carter is most certainly a natural hair influence. Standing at 6’3 (I swear he’s taller than this y’all he’s like a walking tower but then again I live the short person life) this Air Force reservist has set his heart on obtaining a degree in nutrition so that he may become a strength and conditioning coach on a high school level to help “kids transition to adulthood [and] to help them make healthy choices both for their bodies and for their life” Whoever said models are dimwitted obviously hasn’t met this guy.

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Me-How long have you been natural?

Creighton-Being a guy I have been wearing my hair naturally my whole life. But it wasn’t until around high school that I started to embrace my curls and start to encourage my hair to coil as it naturally does, I just use a towel or sponge to keep it “neatly messy”

M-What do you love most about your hair?

C-I love how my hair doesn’t need much product to “do what it do” It is also receptive to a vast array of products although some work better than others.

M-What do you find frustrating about your hair?

C-The one thing I find frustrating about my hair is how quickly it grows back after I just got a clean fade lol

M-What inspires you the most

C-My motivation first and foremost comes from my faith in God. When I want to give up and just go stagnant I remember that God is on my side and that I can do anything with him on my side. Furthermore, I gain motivation from watching my peers. Not to be corny or anything, but, a big example of peer motivation is you! People like you who invest in themselves and reach to accomplish their goals. I get motivated seeing people up and active chasing dreams.

M-Go to hair product or most used hair product?

C-My go to product has got to be the coiling sponge! Although my hair coils as soon as water hits it, I love the sponge cause it helps me get that consistent, messy, look.

M-Personal Tips?

C-A tip I have for fellas who wear the same style and use the sponge…. Don’t just wake up and sponge your hair. It doesn’t ook good. There is a process. Take time to apply product and let it set so that your styling will pop. Long story short.. wake up early and do it right (laughs)

M-What is your go to hair style? (For example, I would wear mini twist all day every day if I could)?

C-My go to style on an average day is the curly fro with the temp fade


M-Enough about your hair lets talk about you. Describe your artistic background?

C-I am raised in the church and have always been around music and singing so I believe im

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Photographer: Cheryl McCain

a product of the environment I was raised in and I continue to play and write music and also sing and rap. I also love fitness and just keeping myself up overall. I was shocked to be approached last year about fitness modeling because I never saw myself as a model… but… It turns out that I really enjoy it!


M-When did you realize you enjoy modeling?

C-Around summer of 2016 when I was asked to model some sports attire for a local gym in Jacksonville Fl, I did a few shoots with them and even a commercial! (Pictured left)

M-What are some projects you have worked on or maybe working on?

C-One project that I have done (As far as modeling) was a superhero shoot where I took on the identity of the green lantern. (Pictured below) That was my favorite shoot thus far. I am working on doing 3 more shoots starting in July. My aim is to highlight my versatility in modeling

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Photographer:Phillip Brown IG: @florida_photographer904

men’s business wear, urban wear, and fitness attire as well. I am also planning a video shoot to some songs I have written over the years.


M-Besides modeling what else do you enjoy doing?

C-I enjoy sleep (laughs). But no seriously I love to sleep. Sometimes I put on Netflix and just let it watch me (chuckles) I also enjoy nature. I like to go out to the beach by myself at night and sit on the lifeguard post and just simply listen to the waves and look at the moon’s reflection. Perhaps it’s in me as an Aquarius to be attracted to the water and the moon.

M-Do you ever get shy in front of the camera?

C-Although I come across as the most confident… or maybe a cocky guy, I have to admit, I get mad shy/ nervous especially during those shoots that are in public and people are walking past watching you pose. BUT I just let that help me develop.

M-Do you see yourself “breaking” into the male model industry?

C-Definitely! My goal is to build a portfolio and hopefully catch the eyes of some major names like GQ and model for them.

M-What is something that set’s you apart from most?

C-I think something that sets me apart is that I always try to put my best effort in when I go to do something. I just want to be a great man lol. “I wanna be the very best… like no one ever was…..”

If you sang that last sentence then you’re my type of person lol we can be friends 

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