D.I.Y Creamy Spray Leave-In

Traveling for a living has very few downfalls. Leaving behind life’s little necessities–i.e. a bar of soap, hair ties or scarves, uniform pieces, hair products–seems to be my biggest issue lately. I swear to the moon and back that I double check my bags when I pack, yet somehow whether it’s visiting family or overnighting for my company in some random city…I leave something. I came home to South Carolina a few days ago to visit my friends and family. I flew into Myrtle Beach first and then drove home to Camden last night. This morning, as I was styling my hair, I realized I was missing my daily spritz bottle. Yeap…I left it at the beach. My daily spritz bottle is a mist made up of Aloe Vera juice, essential oils, and water, a Rei essential for keeping my hair popping ESPECIALLY in this heat. With a few days left in South Kack, I had no choice but to stop by Rite Aid to purchase a new water bottle to make some kind of leave in for my hair. One of the easiest leave-in to make with limited materials is a simple 2:1 ratio Creamy Leave In Spray. All you need is your favorite conditioner and water. Keep scrolling to see how I made it.


I’m Using:


  • -12 oz water bottle
  • -Hask Charcoal Purifying Conditioner (1part)
  • -Water (2 parts)

*I actually measured my bottle and made tick marks to keep a 2 to 1 ratio of water to conditioner. Usually, I eyeball it but since I normally use an 6 or 8 oz bottle I felt it was necessary.*

  1. *Optional step Use a ruler to mark your bottle. My bottle was 35cm tall so I added a tick at 12cm and 24 cm creating 3 sections to my bottle.


2. Add you conditioner up to the first tic mark. * I stopped just a little below since I knew I would not fill the bottle up to the brim to allow for shaking to mix.

the tic mark is more noticeable here

3. Add water leaving a little room at the top of the bottle for shaking.


4. Shake well to mix before each use


And there you have it your easy to make Creamy Leave-in

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Peace and Hair Grease,


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