Easy Pantyhose Head Tie Tutorial NO SEW!

As a flight attendant, I go through at least 3 pairs of stockings (pantyhose) a month. The recycler in me hates wasting material and being wasteful; so I started using my old runny hose to make jumbo hair ties. Since I’m always losing hair ties these extras always come in handy!   I have already shown y’all how to make a hair tie using knee highs


Well, keep reading to see how I do it with pantyhose!⬇



Step 1) ✂ Remove a leg of your pantyhose from the “panty” part by cutting along the seam

Step 2) ✂ Cut off the toe/foot section of the leg

Step 3) Tie knots on both ends to create a jumbo hair tie OR tie the ends together to create a jumbo hair band.


Watch the YouTube video above to see how you can use this hair tie to pull your hair into a pineapple. SUBSCRIBE to my channel to see other ways you can use this DIY Pantyhose hair tie.


Peace and Hair Grease,



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