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Source: Photographer Kourtney Royster


Photographer and Natural Hair lover Kourtney Royster describes himself as a “plain modified Jane” type of person. However, after chatting with him during our Natural Influencer interview a few weeks ago I have yet to find anything plain janeish aboutunnamed him. Standing at a little over 6 feet tall his light brown curls are eye catching. When describing his love for his natural hair he said “I love everything about it, umm, it’s a huge part of who I am, my style, my personality. It’s like my signature piece…what people recognize and notice most”. It is his signature hair style which sets him apart as a natural hair influencer and which prompted me to learn more about the man underneath the fro.

Growing up Kourtney was captivated with VH1s hit show America’s Next Top Model. He describes it as his “guilty pleasure” Fashion photographer Nigel Barker, best known for his role as a judge and photographer on the show, was his primary inspiration for wanting to get behind a lens. “I loved watching his work and seeing him work. That is what really inspired me to pick up a camera. Also, I just love taking pictures. I ended up picking up a camera and taking friends at Clemson…next thing you know I’m taking pictures on the side and then it’s a business” Kourtney dreams of working high fashion shoots in the future; capturing exotic places, people and creating art. For now, he does a lot of portrait work specializing in graduation photo shoots predominately around the Clemson University area. His clients love that he makes every effort to give them what they want, even if they aren’t quite sure what that is his goal is to please.


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“…next thing you know I’m taking pictures on the side and then it’s a business”


How long has he been natural: His entire life

His look: Modified Plain Jane  unnamed (1)

His Go to Product: Anything and everything about the Congo and Nairobi Brands.

Connect with Kourtney

IG: Personal: @confident_ima6e Biz: @photosbykourt

Business inquiries:


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