Hask Conditioner 2 Month Review

A few months ago I shared my impulsive trip to Walgreens on my YouTube Channel  *KEEP SCROLLING TO WATCH*  

In the video, I introduce y’all to one of my favorite conditioners, Hask’s  Argan Oil Repairing Conditioner, that I use to co-washing my hair; as well as two other conditioners from two of their multiple collections of  shampoo and conditioners specially made with exotic oils and unique ingredients, the Coconut Milk and Organic Honey Conditioner  and the Charcoal with Citrus Conditioner. 

Of the two new conditioners I purchased, I was most excited to try the Charcoal with Citrus Conditioner from their purifying line. Charcoal is “all the rage” these days everyone is using it. I mean it should be popular from treating oily skin to soothing abrasions and healing cuts and bites it is easy to see why it is every influencers favorite ingredient. The benefits of charcoal for hair and skin are numourous. Hask is brilliant for dubbing their charcoal line “Purifying”. Between the two conditioners, I tried out for my co washing routine this one was the least disappointing.  I will say with certainty that my hair felt clean after each use. However, too clean isn’t always a good thing. If you are in need of something hydrating and moisturizing rather than purifying and cleansing, find something else. After a few uses, my hair felt stripped and required more moisturizer than usual to bring it back to life. I do plan on keeping this product in stock for whenever my hair feels extra gritty BUT I do not recommend using this product often if retaining hydration is your goal.

As far as the Coconut Milk and Organic Honey Conditioner, I gave it away after trying it out for 2 weeks. Quite frankly this is not something that you should use to co-wash your hair. On one hand, it did help reduce my frizz but it left my hair dull and lifeless in the process. I was hoping it would add bounce to my curls but I was sadly disappointed. After reading more about the product on Hank’s website it is probable that this product is only meant to be used in conjunction with it’s  partnering shampoo. On the bright side, this product felt extra thick to the touch and therefore provided a nice amount of hydration to my curls, which probably explains it’s frizz taming capabilities. Maybe one day I will try them both out together but since I prefer co-washing that may not be anytime soon.

Overall I am still a fan of the Hask product Brand. Their Argan Oil Repairing Conditioner remains a favorite product of mine and can be found in your local Walgreens. Although my excitement for the above-mentioned conditioners has died down I still look forward to trying out more lines from Hask’s various collections.

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