3 Favorites you MUST check out-July

Welcome back to my blog darling! Here is a list of some of my favorite videos and blogs that I’ve come across this month. Some but not all are hair related but non-the-less they stuck out to me in some way shape or form. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.


  1. How To Easily Blend Eyeshadow Colors- Breonna Queen Beauty

In this video Youtuber, Breonna gives us a “foolproof way to blend eye shadow colors for a beautiful gradient Smokey eye”. A lot of you know I’m not big on makeup but I LOVE playing with my eyes. I loved how Breonna demonstrates how to achieve a Smokey eye on brown skin. It was very helpful for me and how I did my makeup for my friend’s wedding earlier this month.

  1. True Life: My friends and Family don’t support my blog (rant)- Jessica

I too sometimes feel discouraged from the lack of support I receive from my friends and family about my blog. Honestly, sometimes it depresses me BUT I’ve learned that you must keep pushing to do what you want and become who you want. I want to thank you, Jessica, for sharing this piece It really helped to encourage me.

  1. What I wear to School IN Japan|| SPRING 2017 LOOKBOOK

I have been a fan of Loretta’s YouTube Channel (KemushiChan) for a few months now. Little known fact I love learning about other cultures, I love how she, a black girl, has embraced the Japanese culture and shares her experiences studying/living in Japan over her YouTube channel.  In this video, she shares what she wears to school in the springtime in Japan and I just thought it was sooo cute.


If you have an article/blog or a video/vlog that you think I should check out and feature here please email me at thatgalrei@gmail.com


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