3 ways I fail as a Naturalista

By now I’m sure many of you realize I blog about natural hair right? –if this is your first time on this blog welcome (click here for the run down). I started this blog in hopes of providing you with tips and advice not only from myself but from natural hair experts in my life that guide me along my own natural hair journey.

For my regular readers, I hope that you have been able to relate to the natural experiences that I share and  I certainly hope you love the occasional chats I have with natural hair influencers that I meet within our community. I challenge myself with the task of reminding you why you love your natural and why you chose to embrace the freedom of being a natural King or Queen.

However, up until this very moment, I realize I have yet to share my shortcomings as a naturalista. My journey has by no means been perfectly executed. I am still working on my routine. I definitely understand that it is easy to neglect the basics in your routine because life can be hectic. I have found that the best way for me to do better both in my life and within my journey is to first acknowledge my short comings and then plan out how I can turn them around. So my darling natural Kings and Curly Kinky Queens here are 3 things I find difficult about my natural experience.  3 things I am working on gradually. And the 3 areas I fail in as a naturalista.

  1. I constantly forget to wrap my hair up at night.
  2. I am a product hoarder.
  3. Over Pulling and detangling my hair is a hard habit to break when trying to achieve the perfect look.

So what am I doing to turn my fails into wins?

  • Well, I’ve been setting alarms to remind me to wrap my hair at night, especially when I’m out of town for work.
  • Since I’ve “moved” to Kansas  City for work, and because I am always on the go I have gotten better at not buying products every time I go to the store. Don’t get me wrong I still have a nice “product junkie” appropriate collection but I have definitely improved my sporadic purchasing habits.

As for number 3..

  • I am simply learning to love my hair more. I used to stress out if my hair frizzed just a little. These days I take the good hair day’s with the bad by turning the bad into the good. I put more effort into following a weekly or bi weekly routine when it comes to detangling. AND I have limited my use of techniques that cause tension on my hair and scalp when trying to achieve the perfect look.

Needless to say, I’m not perfect, I am definitely still growing and learning, not just with my hair but as a person. Some day’s I have it together and some days I’m a mess but hey that’s just life. As always I appreciate each of you for walking this journey along with me.

Peace and Hair Grease


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