So…I’m a transitioning Pescatarian

I took to Instagram a few days ago to ask everyone for their thoughts about the possibility of me including my pescatarian dietary journey on my blog. I wasn’t really expecting many people to provide feedback but, by the time I deleted the initial post I had over 200 views and 50+ likes of encouragement.

So here goes…

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I had been playing around with the thought of transitioning to a pescatarian diet for a few months now. I meal prep a lot because of work and found myself making more and more “vegetarian-friendly” dishes simply because they tend to last longer while on a trip. Still, I couldn’t really make my mind up. I told myself that it was because I couldn’t give up pork…specifically bacon; let’s face it the fatty yummy strips make the world go round…but that was an excuse.

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Truthfully speaking I was afraid. I had been programmed to think that meat was necessary at every meal or it wasn’t a meal. I’m a Southern “Gal” it’s blasphemous to pass up the fried chicken at dinner time and greens ain’t greens without a helping of pork fat for seasoning. When I left home for college in 2011 I slowly started teaching myself how to cook my favorite country dishes minus all the pork fat, lard, grease and everything else that was a heart attack waiting to happen. Calling on that same determination I tasked myself to give the “pescatarian thing” a try for a week. If I liked it I would keep going, if I didn’t like a plate’o bacon would be the first thing I’d consume.

See on both sides of my family there is a history of diabetes and heart disease and other common health problems that plague the African American community. Even though I am only 24 and above averagely physically fit, I already have a history of high blood pressure. Needless to say, I felt that a dietary change was necessary for my growth both physically, mentally, and most importantly spiritually.  I am determined to look as good as Jada Pinket Smith’s mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, by the time I’m her age. I chose to begin my dietary lifestyle change as a pescatarian to allow myself the room to grow at my own pace. I still eat eggs and dairy and don’t plan on changing that anytime soon. I didn’t make this decision because some Netflix show made me feel bad about eating meat. Nah, I made this decision because it felt right. It felt like it was time. I look forward to sharing this experience with you under the new tab of this blog titled “Pescatarian Lifestyle”. Here you will find my own recipes, suggestions for vegetarian/pescatarian friendly restaurants to try out and everything else that has to do with this new chapter of my life.


Peace and Hair Grease,


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