Tiki Taco-Kansas City Missouri

Restaurant: Tiki Taco

Location: 1710 W 39th Street, Kansas City, MS 64111

Website: https://www.tikitaco.com/

Rei Like’s It Rating: I’ll deff be back 8.5

My friend and I saw the taco sign from across the street and just knew we had to get our tiki taco on. I remember thinking to myself “I wonder if this one is related to the same titled restaurant I’ve frequented in North Charleston, SC” After looking at the menu I concluded that it was not. The one in North Chas has about 3 confusing pages of options to chose from; thankfully this place just has one. I went with the Beer battered shrimp tacos and street corn. Annie chose the chicken nachos. We both took a trip to heaven with our first bites. The street corn tasted sweet and smokey at the same time. The beer battered shrimp was simply PERFECT. I almost didn’t order them because I have had a few not so tasty experiences with “beer battered” but as you can tell I CLEANED my trays. Yes, I even licked the wrapper everything was so good.  I love the street side/stall or, cart like concept this establishment presents. The experience reminded me of the street vendors near my apartment when I studied abroad in Habana, Cuba in 2015. It’s simple no fuss dining. You walk up to the window, place your order, get your food and either go about your way OR plop a squat on the benches inches from the sidewalk. Let me reiterate my love of their NO FUSS DINING. Everything tasted super fresh and like it was made with passion. I honestly can’t wait to go back and try more from their menu. There are a couple of menu variations that make the place extremely pescatarian friendly and semi vegetarian-friendly. On the Rei Like’s It Scale I’m giving the place a rating of “I’ll deff be back 8.5”  If you happen to get a chance to stop by, tell them I said Hi =)


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