D.I.Y Turmeric Face Mask Results

It has been a full month since I first started applying a homemade turmeric facial mask to my face to clear up the dark spots I had developed. CLICK HERE to read about my first experience using it and to get my recipe. I know I said I would give you all a 3-week update but life happened and so here I am a week later instead. Since August 10th I have applied the mask twice a week along side my usual face routine. They say a photo is worth a thousand words so keep scrolling to see my results.


These photos were taken after my first Turmeric mask treatment on August 10th. It is pretty clear from the photos that  I had more dark spots on the left side of my face than the right side of my face. Mother nature refused to “let me be great” and so a few days later I eventually broke out on the right side as well.

I was still able to see improvement on the left a few days later when I took the photos above on August 20th. The left side had cleared significantly in just under a week.

By August 24th my face was even better. Just look at the improvement in the photos above! Even my PMS acne scars showed a lot of improvement in such a short amount of time.


Sept 11th
Head Wrap Via Coveredbyangel.com


Here’s a photo I took 3 days ago and then there is today (see below).

My left side isn’t perfect just yet but it definitely looks better than it did around August 20th when I first broke out. The right side of my face looks almost completely clear compared to when I added the turmeric mask to my regimen. I am so pleased with how my face looks now! So much so I have stopped wearing foundation again.

Follow me on Instagram @thatgalrei to see more progress. For the recipe to my turmeric mask click here. I still plan on doing a video about this on my Youtube channel so be on the lookout for that. CLICK HERE to subscribe to my channel.


Peace and Hair Grease,



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