Pinterest Inspired Glitter Shoes D.I.Y #2

I know it has been a while but I’m back now so let’s get to it.

Recently I moved back to South Carolina from Missouri ( Hallelu!); while unpacking I came across a pair of pumps that have seen better days (mostly the heels).

I started to toss them but these shoes and I have had some great times together. Then I remembered the Pinterest Cinderella DIY pumps I did on YouTube and decided to try my hand at restoring my pumps to their original glittery glory.


I pretty much followed the same steps that I did in my first tutorial but I did make a few adjustments to save time.

To watch my original DIY CLICK HERE or scroll to the bottom of this post. To read my updated Glittery Pump Update keep scrolling.


You will need:
1 pair of shoes
Mod Podge (I’m using Super Gloss Brilliant)
1 Jar of Glitter
Various Brushes or Sponges
2 disposable cups
Something to cover your workspace
Paper towels


  1. Fill one cup with water and place your brushes/sponges in it to soak and soften.
  2. Cut the other cup in half ( See Photo) and fill with a sizeable amount of mod podge. IMGP0154
  3. **adjustment** Mix in glitter–just enough to allow for a nice coating. If you add too much glitter just add more mod podge. IMGP0156
  4. Begin painting your glitter/mod podge mixture onto your shoe.
    1. start at the toe and work your way around while holding onto the heel. This gives you something to hold onto while working. Take your time rushing only results in clumping and unevenness on the shoe.
    2. Since these shoes were already glittery I only applied 2 coats, allowing the shoes to dry for about 2 hours in between coats. Depending on what kind of shoes you are using 3 coats may be necessary.
  5. To seal in the glitter and prevent shedding I apply one coat of plain mod podge.

Final Results:



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