Reclaiming my “me” time| Kick Starting my weight loss journey

As a flight attendant, I have found it extremely difficult to keep up with my physical health needs. A year ago I was in a gym 3-4 times a week, I slept fairly normally, and I ate my meals at a semi-appropriate time of day. In January of this year, my routine changed big time. I no longer had a 9-5 type of job. For my mental sanity, this was PERFECT but as for my physical well being, I slowly started to suffer.

I began noticing that clothes that used to hang loosely on me now fit it places I’m ashamed of. My face which had been more angular when I was in a smaller frame, was rounding out and even though my friends have told me that “I look fine” or that I am “being dramatic”, I am not happy. Slowly, over the last few months, I felt myself becoming depressed and seeking confirmations and approval from others because I couldn’t see it in myself.

Don’t get me wrong before FA training, I was not at my ideal physical or mental wellness BUT I was more on track than I am now and I miss that. Before training I motivated myself but no matter how much I knew I needed to get back on track I couldn’t work up the nerve to do what I needed to do besides yoga a few times a week if I even remembered. So I did something I knew I needed to do to prevent myself from falling further into a depressive pit. I asked for help. I called my good friend Tanisha C Ingram (A certified Fitness Coach TTC, ACE, IFTA, and Nutritional Coach) and let her know how I was feeling about myself and about my body. After some encouraging words (Boy I tell you I have some of the best friends in the WORLD) she assured me that I would be alright and in time and with some hard work, and guidance I would be back on track in no time. That was 2 weeks ago and I slowly began making efforts to “get back on track” but it wasn’t enough.

My “breaking point” occurred this past Sunday when I had to go to Urgent Care because I was sick. The nurses weighed me and I sadly realized that I had gained 20 pounds since my last doctor’s appointment in August. I texted Nish when I left the doctors office and that night I made a list of changes I had to make. It was time to hold myself accountable.

  • Cut out snacking on the planes!!!!!! (I eat pretty health consciously but I snack on trips WAYYY to much)
  • pack workout clothes
  • go to the gym while on overnights
  • track my workouts and meals (Notes On my iPhone)
  • Wake up every morning and tell your reflection you love her

That night I inflated my workout ball and on Monday I woke up and did a modified home workout in conjunction with yoga. Yesterday I wrote out a workout plan for the 4-day trip that I am currently on and last night I made it through day one of that plan. Hey, I even ran on the treadmill for a bit this morning. There are 9 weeks and 5 months left in this year and I plan on entering 2018 feeling and looking better than ever. Working out used to be my time to be alone, think and appreciate myself. So here’s to reclaiming my “me” time. If you haven’t already started…when are you going to reclaim yours?

Let’s motivate each other. Tag me on IG @thatgalrei if you have a hectic work schedule like me and would like to partner in staying active while on the go. You don’t have to be a flight attendant or flight crew member. I just want to spread the motivation to everyone let’s do it!

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