Easy Veggie Taco Recipe

This recipe was inspired by a few different vegetarian taco recipes I have saved on Pinterest (click here to follow me). Originally I made this dish live in the Return of the Curls Facebook group (watch the full video by joining our community www.rotccommunity.org). I decided to edit it down a bit so that I could also share it with Y’all here on the blog and my YouTube channel. Marinated Portobello mushrooms, Sautéed vegetables and lots and lots of cheese. What more could a girl want in a veggie taco? I’m no chef and I will never claim to be one BUT I do enjoy being in a kitchen and cooking. I already share my recipes on Snap Chat and my InstaStory so why not add a few Good Eats here on the blog. Keep scrolling for the full recipe and the corresponding YouTube video.


Marinated Portobello Mushrooms

1-2 mushroom caps (or a handful of baby bellos)

Worcestershire Sauce (we’re going to eyeball the amount)

A pinch of Black Pepper

-After cleaning and drying your mushrooms slice them to your desired thickness (keep in mind the thicker they are the longer they will need to marinate). Placed mushrooms in a small bowl and pour enough Worcestershire sauce to just barely cover them in the bowl. Add a pinch of black pepper and stir. Place in the fridge until ready to start cooking soaked mine for about 15 minutes prior to cooking.

Veggie Tacos

Half of a Red pepper diced

Half of a green pepper diced

2 cloves garlic diced

Half an onion diced

1 cup of rice

Veggie Stock

1 pack Spicy taco seasoning

1 pack mild taco seasoning

1 or 2 diced Roma tomatoes

1 can of black beans rinsed and drained


Small Soft Shelled tortillas (corn if you prefer)

Shredded Cheese of your choice (I used a taco mix)

1 bag of shredded lettuce or green veggies (I used a mix of kale, Spinach, and arugula)

Olive oil

Optional: Sour Cream, Salsa

-Cook the rice per cooking instructions using the veggie stock instead of water. Once the rice is done put it to the side while everything else is prepping.

-Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large skillet. When warm add marinated mushrooms and sauté for a few minutes. Remove from mushrooms from the skillet and place in a bowl on the side.

-add other diced veggies (onion, peppers, and garlic) the skillet as well as more oil IF NEEDED. Sauté until onions are translucent. Turn heat down and add cooked rice.

-Add approx. 2 tablespoons each of the mild and spicy taco seasonings and stir well. Add rinsed and drained black beans and your preferred amount of cheese.

-lastly added diced tomatoes and remove from heat.

-warm tortillas in a skillet. Spoon some of the rice, bean and veggie mixture onto tortilla. Remove from heat and top with lettuce, kale, or whatever leafy greens you prefer. Top with more cheese and if you’d like a dollop of sour cream and a little salsa.